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Mar. 22nd, Seminar - Steven M Smith

Mechanisms and evolution of karrikin and strigolactone signalling in plants – from algae and symbiotic fungi to crops, parasitic plants and fire-followers

Steven M Smith Ph.D

Plant Genetics and Biochemistry, University of Tasmania, Australia

Prof. Smith obtained his PhD from Warwick University (UK) and has also worked in the John Innes Centre (UK), Rothamsted Research (UK), CSIRO (Australia) and Indiana University (USA).  He was an academic staff member for 20 years at the University of Edinburgh (UK) where he became Head of the Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences (2004). He moved to the University of Western Australia to become Winthrop Professor of Plant Genomics (2005-2014). He is a Professor at the University of Tasmania and is Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Prof. Smith's research focuses on plant metabolism and development. He has studied energy biology, starch metabolism, lipid metabolism, nitrogen assimilation, calcium signalling, and now strigolactone and karrikin signalling. 

Prof. Smith is responsible for discovering the mode of action of karrikins, compounds that are produced by wildfires and which stimulate seed germination. His original works have formed the foundation of the karrikin field. 

Time: Mar. 22nd .2016, 16:00

Venue: New Biology Building, Room 143

Host: Prof. Daoxin Xie



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