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May 19th, Seminar - Kimberley Snowden

Strigolactone perception by DAD2

and the environmental control of branching


Kimberley Snowden, Professor, 

The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research

Kim Snowden is a senior scientist from the New Zealand Institute of Plant & Food Research. She has a PhD from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Kim has spent time as a postdoc at UC Davis and also the University of Arizona, before returning to New Zealand where she leads a group who studies the control of strigolactone-regulated branching in plants. 


The strigolactone hormone signaling system of plants controls the number of branches produced and responds to nutrient status and light. We have undertaken mutagenesis of DAD2  to understand how strigolactones are perceived. We have also exploited the features of the DAD2 protein to undertake screens for antagonists of SL perception. In addition, we investigated regulatory role for DAD2 in the response of plants to the environment (red:far-red light ratio, and phosphate availability). 


Time: May 19, 2016   16:00-17:00 

Venue: New Biology Building, Room 143 

Host: Prof. Daoxin Xie

举办单位: 生命科学联合中心



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