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Postdoctoral Foundation Application at Center for Life Sciences in 2016 2016-08-05
Postdoctoral Foundation Application at Center for Life Sciences in the Spring of 2014 2014-01-15
November 19th-The 1st Tsinghua Fragment Based Drug Discovery(FBDD) Symposium 2013-11-15
2013 Tsinghua-Gates Global Health Research Forum 2013-10-14
2013 Tsinghua-Gates Mini Grant contest for students 2013-08-09
2013 Tsinghua-Janssen Public Health Day Agenda 2013-05-29
April 10th Seminar-Does palmitate interact directly with kinases to activate signaling of ER stress 2013-03-20
March 21st Seminar-From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapy in Disease 2013-03-13
March 13th Seminar-Caspase Allostery and Cell Death 2013-03-08
March 14th Seminar—DNA Oxidation towards Totipotency in Mammalian Development 2013-03-01
March 14th Seminar—The Power of Epigenetic Regulation:from Trash to Treasure 2013-03-01
January 14th Seminar— INFECTIOUS DISEASES SEMINAR SERIES 2013-01-02
January 10th Seminar/Interview 2012-12-28
December 25th Seminar—Targeting MLL in acute myeloid leukemia 2012-12-17
December 18th Seminar / Interview —Regulation of Inflammation by Notch Signaling 2012-12-12
December 10th Seminar—INFECTIOUS DISEASES SEMINAR SERIES 2012-12-04
December 6th Seminar—Understanding Reproductive Isolation Based on The Rice Model 2012-12-03
November 29th Seminar of Center for Life Sciences--Functional dissection of the neural pathway from the habenula to the dorsal raphe. 2012-11-26
November 28th Seminar — Bacterial Protein Translocation: a single molecule study 2012-11-25
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