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March 21st Seminar-From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapy in Disease


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Topic:   From Molecular Mechanisms to Therapy in Disease - Structural Biology at York


Speaker:  Prof. Anthony J. Wilkinson,

Structural Biology Laboratory,

Department of Chemistry,

University of York, UK.


Protein crystallography at York goes back almost 40 years to when Guy and Eleanor Dodson established their own research group working on insulin. The intervening period has seen great developments in the subject which have influenced, and been influenced by, research in our laboratory. Here, I will try to give an overview of research in the Structural Biology Laboratory at York, including a brief description of the evolution of the insulin work to the recent determination of the structure of the complex between insulin and the insulin receptor. This will be followed by a discussion of work on inhibitors of fatty acid acylation systems directed at therapies in parasitic diseases such as malaria. Finally, I will describe work on a bifunctional protein complex that mediates both a process of bacterial phagocytosis and the formation of an intercellular channel during cell differentiation.

Host:       Prof. Yigong Shi

Date:       9:30AM-11:00AM, Mar. 21 (Thursday)

Venue:    143, New Biology Building


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