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Postdoctral Careers —CLS Postdoctoral Fellowship

 Postdoctoral Positions at Center for Life Sciences

Positions are open for postdoctoral fellowship at  Center for Life Sciences.
As a pilot program of the National Plan for Education Development and Reform and an integral part of the Chinese efforts to build first-rate universities, the Center aims to nuture excellence in research and higher education by providing a supportive and stimulating environment for its fellow scientists.
The fellowship offers internationally competitive stipend to creative and self-motivated individuals who have demonstrated a strong record of high-quality research in relevant disciplines. Academic integrity and team-work spirit are expected.
Applicants should have received a Ph.D., M.D., M.D. /Ph.D., or another terminal degree within the last five years.
Application materials should include: 1) current CV and a summary of past research accomplishment; 2) a plan for future research; 3) a recommendation letter written by the intended postdoctoral advisor at Tsinghua or Peking University (can be from any interdisciplinary lab, and NOT limited to Medical School or School of Life Sciences.); 4) letters of reference from two individuals who are familiar with the applicant’s past research and future potentials; 5) representative publications (PDF files preferred).
Applications are accepted all year round. For applicants whose intended postdoctoral advisors are in Tsinghua University, please submit application materials to Ms. Hong Zhang (zhanghong@biomed.tsinghua.edu.cn). For those whose intended advisors are in Peking University, applications should be submitted to Ms. Siyuan Gong (sygong@ctb.pku.edu.cn).


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