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 The 3rd Neural and Cognitive Sciences Summer School Came to a Successful End



The closing section of 3rd Neural and Cognitive Sciences Summer School was held in Zhengda Center for International Exchange of Peking University, at July 25th, 2015. With songs and dances, teachers and students drew an end to the one-week short meet in Yan Garden.


The 3rd Neural and Cognitive Sciences Summer School, hosted by Center for Life Sciences (CLS) and IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Peking University, was held in Peking University from July 19th to 26th, 2015, with 76 talent students elected from about 40 Universities and colleges all over the country. Carrying on the essence of last two seasons, we invited researchers on neural and cognitive sciences from the two organizations above to give a talk about the pioneering scientific progress. Besides, lab visits, group journal presentation, lunch conversation, sports, closing party and afterward internship were arranged in the busy but unforgettable week.


During the opening section in the afternoon of July 19th, Yi Rao, the leader for both CLS and IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research at Peking University, introduced his  5 concerns about scientific and realistic issues. Then, Yulong Li, Shiming Tang, Peng Zou, combining their personal experiencs and international currents, demonstrated the necessity and  methodology for the research of neural and cognitive sciences, and at last, asked students to fully enjoy and joining in the heavy schedule. As part of the opening section, Yi Rao gave the fist lecture after buffet —— Overview of Neurobiology.


In the following week, Yi Zhong, Jisong Guan, Qin Shen, Shengjia Zhang, Zhuan Zhou, Yulong Li, Shiming Tang, Donggen Luo, Hang Zhang, Peng Zou, Jing Yang, Huan Luo, in total 12 researchers, took students to have a look at neural and cognitive sciences from different perspectives, such as Alzheimers disease, memory, neurodevelopment, GPS in the brain, dopamine secretion, synaptic transmission, visual perception, olfactory and gustatory receptor, decision-making, voltage imaging, death of axon, neuronal oscillation.


One student said at the closing section that, owing to the summer school, he could get a brief view of the proceeding of neural and cognitive science, and get access to the good researchers, and both of which contributes to the good preparation for graduate study. What is most important for him is to know a group of contemporaries, who are fever at science and thinking, and to know that he is not alone on the way to Science Palace.

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