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Cong YU

Cong YU


Email: yucong(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;

Telephone: +86-10-62757056;

Lab Homepage: http://www.psy.pku.edu.cn/faculty.php?fid=47


Research Area:

1. Perceptual learning: Psychophysical and brain mechanisms and clinical implications.

2. Letter and Chinese character recognition: Psychophysical mechanisms and clinical implications.


Selected Publications:

1. Liu XY, Zhang T, Jia YL, Wang NL*, Yu C*, The therapeutic impact of perceptual learning on juvenile amblyopia with or without previous patching treatment. INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY AND VISUAL SCIENCE, 52 (3): 1531-1538, 2011.
2. Zhang JY, Zhang GL, Xiao LQ, Klein SA, Levi DM, Yu C*, Rule-based learning explains visual perceptual learning and its specificity and transfer. JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, 30 (37): 12323-12328, 2010.
3. Xiao LQ, Zhang JY, Wang R, Klein SA, Levi DM, Yu C*, Complete transfer of perceptual learning across retinal locations enabled by double training. CURRENT BIOLOGY, 18 (24): 1922-1926, 2008.
4. Zhang JY, Kuai SG, Xiao LQ, Klein SA, Levi DM, Yu C*, Stimulus coding rules for perceptual learning. PLOS BIOLOGY, 6 (8): 1651-1660, 2008.
5. Zhang JY, Zhang T, Xue F, Liu L*,Yu C*, Legibility variations of Chinese characters and implications for visual acuity measurement in Chinese reading population. INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY AND VISUAL SCIENCE. 48 (5): 2383-2390, 2007.
6. Kuai SG, Zhang JY, Klein SA, Levi DM, Yu C*, The essential role of stimulus temporal patterning in enabling perceptual learning. NATURE NEUROSCIENCE, 8 (11): 1497-1499, 2005.




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