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Jijie CHAI



Jijie CHAI


Research Area:

The main interest is focused on structural and functional studies of biologically and medically important macromolecules, mainly through protein crystallography, in couple with biochemical, biological and other approaches, to gain insights into structure-function relationship of these macromolecules. Our research program embraces, but is not limited to, collaborations with other groups, where several joint projects have been initiated. Specifically, one line of the research will be focused on the elucidation the molecular mechanisms underlying transcription regulation by covalent histone/DNA/RNA modifications. Another project we are currently interested in is about pathogen-host interaction. The long-term goal of our lab is to investigate the structure-function relationship of protein involved in these two fields.


Selected Publications:

1.  Liu T, Liu Z, Song C, Hu Y, Han Z, She J, Fan F, Wang J, Jin C, Chang J, Zhou JM, Chai J. Science. 2012 Jun 1;336(6085):1160-4.

2.  Cheng W, Yin K, Lu D, Li B, Zhu D, Chen Y, Zhang H, Xu S, Chai J, Gu L. PLoS Pathog. 2012;8(3):e1002528. 

3. She J, Han Z, Kim TW, Wang J, Cheng W, Chang J, Shi S, Wang J, Yang M, Wang ZY, Chai J. Structural insight into brassinosteroid perception by BRI1. NATURE 474(7352):472-6, 2011.

4. Han ZF, Niu TH, Chang JB, Lei XG, Zhao MY, Wang Q, Cheng W, Wang JJ, Feng Y, Chai JJ. Crystal structure of the FTO protein reveals basis for its substrate specificity. NATURE 464 (7292): 1103 - 1238 1205-1210, 2010.

5. Huang ZW*, Sutton SE*, Wallenfang AJ, Orchard RC, Wu XJ, Feng YC, Chai JJ#, Alto NM#. Structural insights into GEF mimicry and host GTPase isoform selection by two bacterial type III effector families. NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 16(8):853-60, 2009 (*equal contribution; #Co-corresponding authors).

6. Dong J* , Xiao FM*, Fan FX*, Gu LC, Cang HX, Martin GB#, Chai JJ#. Crystal structure of the complex between Pseudomonas effector AvrPtoB and the tomato Pto kinasereveals both a shared and a unique interface compared with AvrPto-Pto. PLANT CELL 21(6):1846-59, 2009 (*equal contribution).

7. Chen L, Wang H, Zhang J, Gu L, Huang N, Zhou JM, Chai J. Structural basis for the catalytic mechanism of phosphothreonine lyase. NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 15(1):101-2, 2008.

8. Xing W, Zou Y, Liu Q, Liu J, Luo X, Huang Q, Chen S, Zhu L, Bi R, Hao Q, Wu JW, Zhou JM, Chai J. The structural basis for activation of plant immunity by bacterial effector protein AvrPto. NATURE 449(7159):243-7, 2007.

9. Wang H*, Yan Y*, Liu L, Huang H, Shen Y, Chen L, Chen Y, Yang Q, Hao Q, Wang K#, Chai J#, Structural Basis for Modulation of Kv4 K+ Channels by Auxiliary KChIP Subunits. NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 10(1):32-9, 2007 (*equal contribution; #Co-corresponding authors).

10. Han Z, Guo L, Wang H, Shen Y, Deng XW, Chai J. Structural basis for the specific recognition of methylated histone H3 lysine 4 by the WD-40 protein WDR5. MOLECULAR CELL 22(1):137-44, 2006.

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