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Jia-Wei WU

Jia-Wei WU


Research Area:
Structural and biochemical studies of biological macromolecules:
Structural and biochemical studies of biomacromolecules:
Structure and function of key molecules involved in diabetes and obesity
Function of scaffold proteins and its partners in Wnt and JNK pathways
Molecular regulation of kinases and phosphatases in MAPK signaling
Degradation mechanism of Smad in TGF- signaling


Selected Publications:

1.Chen L, Wang J, Zhang YY, Yan SF, Neumann D, Schlattner U, Wang ZX, Wu JW*. AMP-activated protein kinase undergoes nucleotide-dependent conformational changes. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 19(7):716-718, 2012.

2.Hao GF, Wang F, Li H, Zhu XL, Yang WC, Huang LS, Wu JW*, Berry EA, Yang GF*. Computational Discovery of picomolar Qo site inhibitors of cytochrome bc1 complex. J Am Chem Soc. 34(27):11168-76, 2012.

3.Gao X, Wei TD, Zhang N, Xie BB, Su HN, Zhang XY, Chen XL, Zhou BC, Wang ZX, Wu JW*, Zhang YZ*. Molecular insights into the terminal energy acceptor in cyanobacterial hycobilisome. Mol Microbiol. 85(5):907-15, 2012. 

4.Xie T, Ren R, Zhang YY, Pang Y, Yan C, Gong X, He Y, Li W, Miao D, Hao Q, Deng H, Wang ZX, Wu JW*, Yan N*. Molecular mechanism for the inhibition of a critical component in the Arabidopsis thaliana abscisic acid signal transduction pathways, SnRK2.6, by the protein phosphatase ABI1. J Biol Chem. 287(1):794-802, 2012.

5.Wang L, Liu YT, Hao R, Chen L, Chang ZJ, Wang HR, Wang ZX, Wu JW*. (2011) Molecular mechanism of the negative regulation of Smad1/5 by CHIP. [Epub ahead of print] 

6.Liu YT, Dan QJ, Wang J, Feng Y, Chen L, Liang J, Li Q, Lin SC, Wang ZX, Wu JW*. (2011) Molecular basis of Wnt activation via the DIX-domain protein Ccd1. J Biol Chem. 286(10):8597-608. 

7.Gao X, Wang J, Yu DQ, Bian F, Xie BB, Chen XL, Zhou BC, Lai LH, Wang ZX, Wu JW*, Zhang YZ*. (2010) Structural basis for the autoprocessing of zinc metalloproteases in the thermolysin family. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 107(41):17569-74. 

8.Zhao PL, Wang L, Zhu XL, Huang X, Zhan CG*, Wu JW*, Yang GF*. (2010) Subnanomolar inhibitor of cytochrome bc(1) complex designed by optimizing interaction with conformationally flexible residues. J Am Chem Soc. 132(1):185-94 

9.Chen L, Jiao ZH, Zheng LS, Zhang YY, Xie ST, Wang ZX, Wu JW*. (2009) Structural insight into the autoinhibition mechanism of AMP-activated protein kinase. Nature. 459(7250):1146-9. 


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