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Daoxin XIE


Daoxin XIE





Research Area:

 Ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis

 Jasmonate signaling


Selected Publications:

1. Hu P, W Zhou, Z Cheng, M Fan, L Wang, Xie D. (2013) JAV1 Controls Jasmonate-regulated plant defense. Molecular Cell: (in press)

2. Yan J, Li H, Li S, Yao R, Deng H, Xie Q, Xie D. (2013) The Arabidopsis F-box protein CORONATINE INSENSITIVE 1 is stabilized by SCFCOI1 and degraded via the 26S proteasome pathway. Plant Cell 25: 486-498.

3. Shan X, Yan J, Xie D. (2012) Comparison of phytohormone signaling mechanisms. Curr Opin Plant Biol. 15:84-91.

4. Qi T, S Song, Q Ren, D Wu, H Huang, Y Chen, M Fan, J Xie, W Peng, C Ren, D Xie. (2011) The Jasmonate-ZIM-domain Proteins Interact with the WD-repeat/bHLH/MYB Complexes to Control Jasmonate-regulated Anthocyanin Accumulation and Trichome Initiation in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 23:1795-1814

5. Song S, Qi T, Huang H, Ren Q, Wu D, Chang C, Peng W, Liu Y, Peng Y, Xie D. (2011) The Jasmonate-ZIM-domain Proteins Interact with the R2R3-MYB Transcription Factors MYB21 and MYB24 to Control Jasmonate-regulated Stamen Development in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 23:1000-1013.

6. Yan,J., Zhang,C., Gu,M., Bai,Z, Zhang,W., Qi,T, Cheng,Z., Peng,W, Luo,H., Nan,F., Wang,Z., Xie,D. (2009) The Arabidopsis CORONATINE INSENSITIVE 1 protein is a jasmonate receptor. Plant Cell 21: 22202236.

7. Cheng,H., Song,S., Xiao,L., Soo,H., Cheng,Z., Xie,D*.Peng,J* (2009) Gibberellin Acts Through Jasmonate to Control the Expression of MYB21, MYB24 and MYB57 to Promote Stamen Filament Growth in Arabidopsis. PLoS Genetics 5(3):e1000440 (*co-senior author)

8. Tan,L., Li,X., Liu,F., Sun,X., Li,C., Zhu,Z., Fu,Y., Cai,H., Wang,X., Xie,D*.Sun.C*. (2008) Control of a key transition from prostrate to erect growth in rice domestication. Nature Genetics 40:1360-4(*co-senior author).

9. Xiao,S., Dai,L., Liu,L., Wang,Z., Peng,W. and Xie,D. (2004) COS1: an Arabidopsis coi1 suppressor essential forregulation of jasmonate-mediated plant defense and senescence. Plant Cell 16: 1132-42.

10. Liu,F., Ni,W., Griffith,M.E., Huang,Z., Chang,C., Peng,W., Ma,H. and Xie,D. (2004) The ASK1 and ASK2 Genes Are Essential for Arabidopsis Early Development. Plant Cell 16:5-20.

11. Xu,L., Liu,F., Lechner,E., Genschik,P., Crosby,W.L., Ma,H., Peng,W., Huang,D., and Xie,D. (2002) The SCF(COI1) ubiquitin-ligase complexes are required for jasmonate response in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 14:1919-1935.

12Xie,D., Feys,B.F., James,S., Nieto-Rostro,M. and Turner,J.G. (1998) COI1: an Arabidopsis gene required for jasmonate-regulated defense and fertility. Science280:1091-1094. 




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