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Heping CHENG


Heping  CHENG


Email: chengp(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;
Telephone: +86-10-62765957;
Lab Homepage: http://www.imm.pku.edu.cn/news.php?id=250


Research Area:

Calcium and ROS Signaling: Molecular mechanism, regulation and significance of mitochondrial superoxide flashes; Calcium and ROS regulation of cardiac development and regeneration; Computational and mathematical modeling of calcium and ROS signaling.

Selected Publications:

1. Cheng HP, Lederer WJ, Cannell MB, Calcium sparks: The elementary events underlying excitation-contraction coupling in heart muscle. SCIENCE, 262, 740-744,1993.
2. Wang SQ, Song LS, Lakatta EG, Cheng HP*, Ca 2+ signalling between single L-type Ca 2+ channels and ryanodine receptors in heart cells. NATURE, 410, 592-596, 2001.
3. Wang W*, Fang HQ, Groom L, Cheng A, Zhang WR, Liu J, Wang XH, Li KT, Han PD, Zheng M, Yin JH, Wang W, Mattson M, Kao JPY, Lakatta EG, Sheu SS, Ouyang KF, Chen J, Dirksen RT, Cheng HP*, Superoxide flashes in single mitochondria. CELL, 134, 279-290, 2008.
4. Wei CL*, Wang XH, Chen M, Ouyang KF, Song LS, Cheng HP*, Calcium flickers steer cell migration. NATURE, 457, 901-905, 2009.
5. Fang H, Chen M, Ding Y, Shang W, Xu J, Zhang X, Zhang W, Li K, Xiao Y, Gao F, Shang S, Li J, Tian X, Wang S, Zhou J, Weisleder N, Ma J, Ouyang K, Chen J, Wang X, Zheng M, Wang W, Zhang X*, Cheng HP*, Imaging superoxide flash and metabolism-coupled mitochondrial permeability transition in living animals. CELL RESEARCH, In press, 2011.





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