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Email: zyang(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;
Telephone: +86-10-62759105;

Lab Homepage: http://www.chem.pku.edu.cn/zyang/index.asp

Research Area:
Natural product exists in an infinite range of complexity and diversity, and often presents promising biological activities. The total
synthesis of complex natural product involves distinct synthetic problems which challenge synthetic chemist ingenuity and skill, and require unique strategies and tactics for their solution. Our group currently involves in the total syntheses of a series of complex and biologically active natural products, and we aim at the development of novel synthetic methodologies and synthetic strategies, and apply them to the syntheses of complex natural products, which are valuable for the biomedical research and drug discovery. This program is particularly attractive to those who enjoy challenge and wish to acquire the unique power of creating new chemical entities, and provides ample opportunities for the students to discover and create their own beauty of chemistry.


Selected Publications:
1. Nicolaou KC, Yang Z, Liu JJ, Ueno H, Nantermet PG, Guy RK, Claiborne CF, Renaud J, Couladouros EA, Paulvannan K,
Sorensen EJ, Total Synthesis of Taxol, NATURE, 367, 630. 1994.
2. Nicolaou KC*, Yang Z, Shi GQ, Gunzner JL, Agrios KA, Garttner P, Total synthesis of Brevetoxin A, NATURE, 392, 264,
3. Liao Yn, Hu YH, Wu J, Donovan M, Fathi R, Yang Z*, Diversity Oriented Synthesis and Branching Reaction Pathway to
Generate Natural Product-like Compounds, CURRENT MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 10, 2258, 2003.
4. Liu L, Han J, Yue G, Li C, Yang Z*, Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Caribenol A, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN
CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 132, 13608. 2010.
5. Gong J, Lin G, Sun W, Li C, Yang Z*, Total Synthesis of (±) Maoecrystal V, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN
CHEMICAL SOCIETY, 132, 16745, 2010.




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