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Hongkui DENG

Hongkui DENG 

Email: hongkui_deng(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;

Telephone: +86-10-62756474;

Lab Homepage: http://www.bio.pku.edu.cn/teacher_dis_oa.php?cid=146&&teaid=16


Research Area:


1. Cellular Reprogramming
2. Molecular Control of Stem Cells and Cell Fate
3. Regenerative Medicine


Selected Publications:

1. Zhao Y, Zhao T, Guan J, Zhang X, Fu Y, Ye J, Zhu J, Meng G, Ge J, Yang S, Cheng L, Du Y, Zhao C, Wang T, Su L, Yang W, Deng H. A XEN-like State Bridges Somatic Cells to Pluripotency during Chemical Reprogramming. Cell, 2015, 163, 1678-91.
2. Li X, Zuo X, Jing J, Ma Y, Wang J, Liu D, Zhu J, Du X, Xiong L, Du Y, Xu J, Xiao X, Wang J, Chai Z, Zhao Y, Deng H. Small-Molecule-Driven Direct Reprogramming of Mouse Fibroblasts into Functional Neurons. Cell Stem Cell. 2015, 17:195-203. 
3. Xu J, Du Y, Deng H. Direct lineage reprogramming: strategies, mechanisms, and applications. Cell Stem Cell. 2015, 16(2):119-34. Review
4. Fang R, Liu K, Zhao Y, Li H, Zhu D, Du Y, Xiang C, Li X, Liu H, Miao Z, Zhang X, Shi Y, Yang W, Xu J, Deng H. Generation of naive induced pluripotent stem cells from rhesus monkey fibroblasts. Cell Stem Cell. 2014; 15(4):488-96. 
5. Du Y, Wang J, Jia J, Song N3 Xiang C, Xu J, Hou Z, Su X, Liu B, Jiang T, Zhao D, Sun Y, Shu J, Guo Q, Yin M, Sun D, Lu S, Shi Y, Deng H , Human hepatocytes with drug metabolic function induced from fibroblasts by lineage reprogramming. Cell Stem Cell, 2014, 14:3 94-403. 
6. Hou P, Li Y, Zhang X, Liu C, Guan J, Li H, Zhao T, Ye J, Yang W, Liu K, Ge J, Xu J, Zhang Q, Zhao Y, Deng H. , Pluripotent stem cells induced from mouse somatic cells by small-molecule compounds , Science, 2013, 341(6146): 651-4.
7. Shu J, Wu C, Wu Y, Li Z, Shao S, Zhao W, Tang X, Yang H, Shen L, Zuo X, Yang W, Shi Y, Chi X, Zhang H, Gao G, Shu Y, Yuan K, He W, Tang C, Zhao Y, Deng H , Induction of pluripotency in mouse somatic cells with lineage specifiers. Cell, 2013, 153(5): 963-75. 
8. Sun X, Xu J, Lu H, Liu W, Miao Z, Sui X, Liu H, Su L, Du W, He Q, Chen F, Shi Y, Deng H. , Directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into thymic epithelial progenitor-like cells reconstitutes the thymic microenvironment in vivo , Cell Stem Cell , 2013, 13(2): 230-6 
9. Yu C, Liu Y, Miao Z, Yin M, Lu W, Lv Y, Ding M, Deng H. Retinoic acid enhances the generation of hematopoietic progenitors from human embryonic stem cell-derived hemato-vascular precursors, Blood. 2010, 116(23):4786-94.
10. Li W, Wei W, Zhu S, Zhu J, Shi Y, Lin T, Hao E, Hayek A, Deng H and Ding S , Generation of Rat and Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells by Combining Genetic Reprogramming and Chemical Inhibitors , Cell Stem Cell , 2009 , 4(1):16-9. 
11. Zhang D, Jiang W, Liu M, Sui X, Yin X, Chen S, Shi Y, Deng H. Highly efficient differentiation of human ES cells and iPS cells into mature pancreatic insulin-producing cells. Cell Res. 2009, 19(4):429-38. 
12. Liu H, Zhu F, Yong J, Zhang P, Hou P, Li H, Jiang W, Cai J, Liu M, Cui K, Qu X, Xiang T, Lu D, Chi X, Gao G, Ji W, Ding M, Deng H , Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells from adult rhesus monkey fibroblasts , Cell Stem Cell , 2008 , 3(6):587-90. 
13. Zhao Y, Yin X, Qin H, Zhu F, Liu H, Yang W, Zhang Q, Xiang C, Hou P, Song Z, Liu Y, Yong J, Zhang P, Cai J, Liu M, Li H, Li Y, Qu X, Cui K, Zhang W, Xiang T, Wu Y, Zhao Y, Liu C, Yu C, Yuan K, Lou J, Ding M, Deng H , Two supporting factors greatly improve the efficiency of human iPSC generation , Cell Stem Cell , 2008 , 3(5):475-9. 
14. Zhang P, Li J, Wang C, Tan Z, Liu T, Chen L, Yong J, Jiang W, Sun X, Ding M, Deng H, , Short-term BMP-4 treatment initiates mesoderm induction in human embryonic stem cells. Blood, 2008, 111(4): 1933-41. 
15. Cai J, Zhao Y, Ye F, Liu Y, Song Zhi, Qin H, Meng S, Chen Y, Zhou R, Song X, Guo Y, Ding M, Deng H, , Directed differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into functional hepatic cells. Hepatology, 2007, 45(5): 1229-1239. 
16. Wang C, Faloon P, Tan Z, Lv Y. Zhang P, Deng H, Xiong J, , Mouse Lycat Controls the Development of Hematopoietic and Endothelial Lineages during in vitro ES Cell Differentiation. Blood, 2007, 110(10): 3601-9. 
17. Jiang W, Shi Y, Zhao D, Chen S, Yong J, Zhang J, Qing T, Sun X, Zhang P, Ding M and Deng H. In vitro derivation of functional insulin-producing cells from human embryonic stem cells. Cell Res. 2007, 17(4):333-44.
18. Shi Y, Hou L, Tang F, Jiang W, Wang P, Ding M, Deng H, , Inducing Embryonic Stem Cells to Differentiate into Pancreatic Beta Cells by a Novel Three-Step Approach with Activin A and All-Trans Retinoic Acid. Stem Cells, 2005, 23(5): 656-62. 52. 
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