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Email: qi(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;

Telephone: +86-10-62744020;

Lab Homepage: http://www.phy.pku.edu.cn/personnel/member/OuYQ.html


Research Area: 
The main objective of our research group is applying the concepts and methods of nonlinear dynamics and statistic physics in the
study of biological regulatory networks, trying to find the characteristics of the control systems. We focus on three major features of the biological regulatory network: topological feature, dynamics feature, the functional feature, and their relations. We also apply our results of network study in the research of rational design and synthesize the artificial biological control systems, with predefined function, i.e. the synthetic biology. 
1. The dynamics of biological control networks;
2. Function and robustness constraints on the structure of biological control system;
3. Forward and reverse engineering in synthetic biology;
4. Quantitative study of biological system in microfluidic devices.


Selected Publications:

1. Li FT, Long T, Lu Y, Ouyang Q*, Tang C*, The yeast cell-cycle network is robustly designed, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 101 (14), 4781-4786, 2004.
2. Ma WZ, Lai LH, Ouyang Q*, Tang C*, Robustness and modular design of the Drosophila segment polarity network,
3. Mao YD, Chang S, Yang SX, Ouyang Q*, Jiang L*, Tunable non-equilibrium gating of flexible DNA nanochannels in
response to transport flux. NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 2 (6), 366-371, 2007.
4. Wu YL, Zhang XM, Yu JL, Ouyang Q*, Identification of a topological charateristic responsible for biological robustness of
regulatory networks, PLOS COMPUTATIONAL BILOGY, 5, e1000442, 2009.
5. Lou CB, Liu XL, Ni M, Huang YQ, Huang QS, Huang LW, Jiang LL, Lu D, Wang MC, Liu C, Chen DZ, Chen CY, Chen XY,
Yang L, Ma HS, Chen JG, Ouyang Q, Synthesizing a novel genetic sequential logic circuit: a push-on push-off switch. MOLECULAR SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, 6, 350.1-350.11, 2010.



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