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Lijia Qu


Lijia QU


Email: qulj(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;

Telephone: +86-10-62753018;

Lab Homepage: http://www.pepge.pku.edu.cn/news.php?id=17


Research Area: 
We have three major lines of research: methylation of phytohormones and leaf flatness and branching, role of protein degradation
in gametogenesis and embryogenesis, and functional analysis of transcription factors in Arabidopsis. The homeostasis of phytohormones is regulated by de novo biosynthesis, degradation and inactivation by forming conjugates. We intend to study, at both the molecular and cellular levels, the role of a newly found modification, methylation, of the phytohormones in plant development (including leaf flatness, branching, etc.). Secondly, we are interested in dissecting the roles of RING-type E3 ligase-mediated protein ubiquitination in gametogenesis and embryogenesis in Arabidopsis by reverse genetic analysis. Thirdly, we are systematically analyzing the functions of Arabidopsis transcription factors.


Selected Publications:

1. Zhong S., Liu M., Wang Z., Huang Q., Hou S., Xu Y.-C., Ge Z., Song Z., Huang J., Qiu X., Shi Y., Xiao J., Liu P., Guo Y.-L., Dong J., Dresselhaus T., Gu H., Qu L.-J.* 2019, Cysteine-rich peptides promote interspecific genetic isolation in Arabidopsis. Science 364: eaau9564.

2. Ge Z., Bergonci T., Zhao Y., Zou Y., Du S., Liu M.-C., Luo X., Ruan H., Garcia-Valencia L., Zhong S., Hou S., Huang Q., Lai L., Moura D., Gu H., Dong J., Wu H.-M., Dresselhaus T., Xiao J., Cheung A.*, Qu L.-J.* 2017, Arabidopsis pollen tube integrity and sperm release are regulated by RALF-mediated signaling. Science 358: 1596-1600.

3. Zhang J., Huang Q., Zhong S., Bleckmann A., Huang J., Guo X., Lin Q., Gu H., Dong J., Dresselhaus T., Qu L.-J.*, 2017, Sperm cells are passive cargo of the pollen tube in plant fertilization. Nature Plants 3: 17079.

 4. Hou Y., Guo X., Cyprys P., Zhang Y., Bleckmann A., Cai L., Huang Q., Luo Y., Gu H., Dresselhaus T., Dong J., Qu L.-J.* 2016, Maternal ENODLs are required for pollen tube reception in Arabidopsis. Current Biology 26: 2343-2350.

5. Hao L., Liu J., Zhong S., Gu H., Qu L.-J.* 2016, AtVPS41-mediated endocytic pathway is essential for pollen tube-stigma interaction in Arabidopsis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U. S. A. 113: 6307-6312.

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