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Lijia QU


Lijia QU


Email: qulj(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;

Telephone: +86-10-62753018;

Lab Homepage: http://www.pepge.pku.edu.cn/news.php?id=17


Research Area: 
We have three major lines of research: methylation of phytohormones and leaf flatness and branching, role of protein degradation
in gametogenesis and embryogenesis, and functional analysis of transcription factors in Arabidopsis. The homeostasis of phytohormones is regulated by de novo biosynthesis, degradation and inactivation by forming conjugates. We intend to study, at both the molecular and cellular levels, the role of a newly found modification, methylation, of the phytohormones in plant development (including leaf flatness, branching, etc.). Secondly, we are interested in dissecting the roles of RING-type E3 ligase-mediated protein ubiquitination in gametogenesis and embryogenesis in Arabidopsis by reverse genetic analysis. Thirdly, we are systematically analyzing the functions of Arabidopsis transcription factors.


Selected Publications:

1. He S, Sun Y, Yang Q, Zhang X, Huang Q, Zhao P, Sun M, Liu J, Qian W, Qin G, Gu H, Qu L-J* (2017) A novel imprinted gene NUWA controls mitochondrial function in early seed development in Arabidopsis. PLOS Genetics (in press, doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1006553).
2. Hao L, Liu J, Zhong S, Gu H, Qu L-J* (2016) AtVPS41-mediated endocytic pathway is essential for pollen tube-stigma interaction in Arabidopsis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 113: 6307-6312.
3. Zhang H, Lin X, Han Z, Wang J, Qu L-J*, Chai J*, 2016, SERK family receptor-like kinases function as a co-receptor with PXY for plant vascular development. Molecular Plant 9: 1406-1414.
4. Hou Y, Guo X, Cyprys P, Zhang Y, Bleckmann A, Cai L, Huang Q, Luo Y, Gu H, Dresselhaus T, Dong J, Qu L-J* (2016) Maternal ENODLs are required for pollen tube reception in Arabidopsis. Current Biology 26: 2343-2350.
5. Wu Z, Zhu D, Lin X, Miao J, Gu L, Deng X, Yang Q, Sun K, Zhu D, Cao X, Tsuge T, Dean C, Aoyama T, Gu H, Qu L-J* (2016) RNA-binding proteins RZ-1B and RZ-1C play critical roles in regulating pre-mRNA splicing and gene expression during development in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 28: 55-73.
6. Zhang H, Lin X, Han Z, Qu L-J*, Chai J* (2016) Crystal structure of PXY-TDIF complex reveals a conserved recognition mechanism among CLE peptide-receptor pairs. Cell Research 26: 543-555.
7. Lin Q, Ogashi Y, Kato M, Tsuge T, Gu H, Qu L-J*, Aoyama T* (2015) GLABRA2 targets basic Helix-loop-helix transcription factor genes to robustly suppress root hair development. Plant Cell 27: 2894-2906.
8. Qu L-J*, Li L, Lan Z, Dresselhaus T (2015) Peptide signaling during the pollen tube journey and double fertilization. Journal of Experimental Botany 66(17): 5139-5150.
9. Li R, Li J, Li S, Qin G, Novák O, Pěnčík A, Ljung K, Aoyama T, Liu J, Murphy A, Gu H, Tsuge T, Qu L-J* (2014) ADP1 affects plant architecture by regulating local auxin biosynthesis. PLOS Genetics 10: e1003954.
10. Zhu D, Wu Z, Cao G, Li J, Wei J, Tsuge T, Gu H, Aoyama T, Qu L-J* (2014) TRANSLUCENT GREEN, an ERF family transcription factor, controls water balance in Arabidopsis by activating the expression of aquaporin genes. Molecular Plant 7(4): 601-615.
11. Yang Y, Ou B, Zhang J, Si W, Gu H, Qin G, Qu L-J* (2014) Arabidopsis Mediator subunit MED16 regulates iron homeostasis by associating with EIN3/EIL1 through subunit MED25. Plant Journal 77: 838-851.
12. Miao J, Guo D, Zhang J, Huang Q, Qin G, Zhang X, Wan J, Gu H, Qu L-J* (2013) Targeted mutagenesis in rice using CRISPR-Cas system. Cell Research 23: 1233-1236.
13. Liu J, Zhong S, Guo X, Hao L, Wei X, Huang Q, Hou Y, Shi J, Wang C, Gu H, Qu L-J* (2013) Membrane-bound RLCKs LIP1 and LIP2 are essential male factors controlling male-female attraction in Arabidopsis. Current Biology 23: 993-998.
14. Wang Y, Hou Y, Gu H, Kang D, Chen Z, Liu J, Qu L-J (2012) The Arabidopsis APC4 subunit of the anaphase-promoting complex/cyclosome (APC/C) is critical for both female gametogenesis and embryogenesis. Plant Journal 69(2): 227-240. 
15. Luo Y, Qin G, Zhang J, Liang Y, Song Y, Zhao M, Tsuge T, Aoyama T, Liu J, Gu H, Qu L-J*, (2011) D-myo-inositol-3-phosphate affects phosphatidylinositol-mediated endomembrane function in Arabidopsis and is essential for auxin-regulated embryogenesis, Plant Cell 23: 1352-1372.

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