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Chao TANG 


Email: tangc(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;

Telephone: +86-10-62759762;

Lab Homepage: http://cqb.pku.edu.cn/tanglab/


Research Area:

We are interested in quantitative studies of biological systems. We apply, develop and integrate theoretical, computational and experimental methods to address key biological questions. We believe that an interdisciplinary approach focusing on quantitative questions at a systems level will uncover new biological principles and help us to better understand complex disease and design new therapeutic strategies. Our current research areas include cell cycle regulation, cellular decision making, the relationship between function and topology in biological networks, cell fate transformation in development and reprogramming, and network-based disease mechanism.


Selected Publications:

1. Li F, Lu Y, Long T, Ouyang Q*, Tang C*, The yeast cell-cycle network is robustly designed, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 101 (14), 4781, 2004.

2. Trusina A, Papa FR*, Tang C*, Benefits of translation attenuation in the unfolded protein response: A modelingapproach, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 105, 20280, 2008.

3. Ma W, Trusina A, El-Samad H, Lim WA*, Tang C*, Defining network topology that can perform biochemicaladaptation, CELL, 138, 760, 2009.

4. Li Z, Ni M, Li J, Zhang Y, Ouyang Q*, Tang C*, Decision making of the p53 network: Death by integration, JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL BIOLOGY, 271, 205, 2011.
5. Chau AH, Walter JM, Gerardin J, Tang C*, Lim WA*. Designing synthetic regulatory networks capable of self-organizing cell polarization. Cell 151(2): 320-332, 2012. 

6. J. Shu, C. Wu, Y. T. Wu, Z. Li, S. D. Shao, W. H. Zhao, X. Tang, H. Yang, L. J. Shen, X. H. Zuo, W. F. Yang, Y. Shi, X. C. Chi, H. Q. Zhang, G. Gao, Y. M. Shu, K. H. Yuan, W. W. He, C. Tang*, Y. Zhao and H. K. Deng* (2013). Induction of Pluripotency in Mouse Somatic Cells with Lineage Specifiers. Cell 153(5): 963-975. 

7. Yang X, Jost A.P.T, Weiner OD*, Tang C*. A light-inducible organelle-targeting system for dynamically activating and inactivating signaling in budding yeast. Molecular Biology of the Cell 24(15): 2419-2430, 2013. 

8. Yang X, Lau K-Y, Sevim V, Tang C*. Design Principles of the Yeast G1/S Switch. PLoS Biol 11(10): e1001673, 2013.

9. Lu D, Hsiao JY, Davey NE, Voorhis VAV, Foster SA, Tang C*, D. O. Morgan DO*. Multiple mechanisms determine the order of APC/C substrate degradation in mitosis. The Journal of Cell Biology, 207(1): 23-29, 2014.

10. Liu X, Wang X, Yang X, Liu S, Jiang L, Qu Y, Hu L, Ouyang Q, Tang C*. Reliable cell cycle commitment in budding yeast is ensured by signal integration. eLife: e03977, 2015.


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