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Zhuan ZHOU

Zhuan ZHOU


Email: zzhou(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn;

Telephone: +86-10-6276-7850

Lab Homepage: http://www.imm.pku.edu.cn/news.php?id=190

Research Area:

Secretion is a principle function of a cell. Neurotransmitter and hormone secretion is triggered by increase in intracellular Ca concentration. We investigate mechanisms of neurotransmitter release from synapse and/or soma of a cell, and dopamine release physiology and diseases (addition-drug of abuse, Parkinson’s disease) by patch-clamp, membrane capacitance and carbon fiber electrodes and fluorescent optic measurements at 3 physiological levels: single cells, brain slices, and in vivo.


Selected Publications:

1. Wang CH, Wang YS, Hu MQ, Chai ZY, Wu QH, Huang R, Han WP, Zhang CX and Zhou Z (2015) A synaptotagmin negatively regulates dynamin dependent clathrin-mediated and bulk endocytosis. EMBO Reports, Published online, DOI: 10.15252/embr.201540689 

2. He LL, Wang LC, Dai JX, and Zheng LH, Zhou Z (2015). Muscariing Inhibition of Nicotininc Transmission in Superior Cervical Ganglion Neurons. Philosophical Transactions B. 370: 20140188
3. Kang XJ, Wang CH, Xu HD, Shang SJ, Zhang XY, Zuo PL, Zhou L, Deng ZJ, Liu B, Liu B, Wu QH, Wang L, Hu MQ, Dou HQ, Liu W, Zhu FP, Li Q, Guo S, Gu JL, Lei Q, Lü J, Jin M, Jiang W, Wang SR, Liu K, Li WL, Zhang K, Zhou Z (2014) Rescuing dopamine release and parkinsonian behavior by neural stem cells. PNAS, 111(44):15804-15809
4. Dou HQ, Wang CH, Wu X, Yao LJ, Zhang XY, Teng SS, Xu HD, Liu B, Wu QH, Zhang QF, Hu MQ, Wang YS, Wang L, Wu Y, Shang SJ, Kang XJ, Zheng LH, Zhang J, Raoux M, Lang J, Li Q, Su J, Yu X, Chen LY and Zhou Z (2015). Calcium influx activates adenylyl cyclase 8 for sustained insulin secretion in rat pancreatic beta cells. Diabetologia, 58:324–333 
5. Wang L, Shang SJ, Kang XJ , Teng SS, Zhu FP, Liu B, Wu QH, Li ML, Liu W, Xu HD, Zhou L, Jiao RY, Dou HQ, Zuo PL, Zhang XY, Zheng LH, Wang SR, Wang CH and Zhou Z (2014) Modulation of dopamine release in the striatum by physiologically relevant levels of nicotine. Nature Communications, 5:1-9
6. Huang, H.P., S.R. Wang, W. Yao, C. Zhang, Y. Zhou, X.W. Chen, B. Zhang, W. Xiong, L.Y. Wang, L.H. Zheng, M. Landry, T. Hokfelt, Z.Q. Xu, and Z. Zhou (2007). Long latency of evoked quantal transmitter release from somata of locus coeruleus neurons in rat pontine slices. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 104(4): p. 1401-6.
7. Chen, X.K., L.C. Wang, Y. Zhou, Q. Cai, M. Prakriya, K.L. Duan, Z.H. Sheng, C. Lingle, and Zhou Z (2005).Activation of GPCRs modulates quantal size in chromaffin cells through G(betagamma) and PKC. Nat Neurosci, 8(9): p. 1160-8.
8. Zhang, C. and Zhou Z (2002). Ca(2+)-independent but voltage-dependent secretion in mammalian dorsal root ganglion neurons. Nat Neurosci, 5(5): p. 425-30.

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