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Yiguo Wang


Yiguo Wang

Research Area
1) Regulation of hepatic gluconeogenesis by the fasting signaling.
2) Switch between glucose and lipid metabolism.
3) Modulation of glycolysis by the nutrient signals.
Selected Publications
1.    Yiguo Wang, Gang Li, Jason Goode, Jose C. Paz, Kunfu Ouyang, Robert Screaton, Wolfgang H. Fischer, Ju Chen, Ira Tabas and Marc Montminy. InsP3 Receptor Regulates Hepatic Gluconeogenesis in Fasting and Diabetes. Nature (2012) 485 (7396): 128-132.
2.    Yiguo Wang, Hiroshi Inoue, Kim Ravnskjaer, Kristin Viste, Nina Miller, Yi Liu, Susan Hedrick, Liliana Vera, and Marc Montminy. Targeted disruption of the CREB coactivator Crtc2 increases insulin sensitivity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (2010) 107 (7): 3087-3092.
3.    Yiguo Wang, Liliana Vera,   Wolfgang H Fischer, Marc Montminy. The CREB coactivator CRTC2 links hepatic ER stress and fasting gluconeogenesis. Nature (2009) 460 (7254): 534-537.
4.    Yiguo Wang, Dan Du, Longhou Fang, Guang Yang, Chenyi Zhang, Rong Zeng, Axel Ullrich, Friedrich Lottspeich, Zhengjun Chen.  Tyrosine phosphorylated Par3 regulates epithelial tight junction assembly promoted by EGFR signaling.  The EMBO Journal. (2006) 25, 5058-5070.
5.    Yiguo Wang*, Rongxia Li*, Dan Du, Chenyi Zhang, Haixin Yuan, Rong Zeng, Zhengjun Chen. Proteomic Analysis Reveals Novel Molecules Involved in Insulin Signaling Pathway.  J Proteome Res. (2006) 5, 846-855. (*Co-first author)
6.    Jinbo Han*, Yiguo Wang*, Suming Wang*, Chengwu Chi. Interaction of Mint3 with Furin Regulates the localization of Furin in the Trans-Golgi Network. J Cell Sci. 2008 121 (Pt 13): 2217-2223. (*Co-first author)




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