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Yan Shi

Yan Shi
E-mail:  yanshiemail@tsinghua.edu.cn
Tel: +86-10-62797488
Research Interests
Dendritic cell biology, antigen presentation, immune acitivation, single cell force spectroscopy.
Selected Publications
1. Shi Y. To forge a solid immune recognition. Protein Cell 3(8):564-70, 2012 Aug.
2. Ghaemi Oskouie, F., A. Shameli, A. Yang, M. D. Desrosiers, A. D. Mucsi, M. R. Blackburn, Y. Yang, P. Santamaria, and Y. Shi. 2011. High levels of adenosine deaminase on dendritic cells promote autoreactive T cell activation and diabetes in nonobese diabetic mice. J Immunol 186:6798-806.
3. Flach, T. L., G. Ng, A. Hari, M. D. Desrosiers, P. Zhang, S. M. Ward, M. E. Seamone, A. Vilaysane, A. D. Mucsi, Y. Fong, E. Prenner, C. C. Ling, J. Tschopp, D. A. Muruve, M. W. Amrein, and Y. Shi. 2011. Alum interaction with dendritic cell membrane lipids is essential for its adjuvanticity. Nat Med 17: 479-87.
4. Kanevets, U., K. Sharma, K. Dresser, and Y. Shi. 2009. A role of IgM antibodies in monosodium urate crystal formation and associated adjuvanticity. J Immunol 182: 1912 -1918.
5. Ng, G., K. Sharma, S. M. Ward, M. D. Desrosiers, L. A. Stephens, W. M. Schoel, T. Li, C. A. Lowell, C. C. Ling, M. W. Amrein, and Y. Shi. 2008. Receptor-independent, direct membrane binding leads to cell-surface lipid sorting and Syk kinase activation in dendritic cells. Immunity 29: 807-18.
6. Desrosiers, M. D., K. M. Cembrola, M. J. Fakir, L. A. Stephens, F. M. Jama, A. Shameli, W. Z. Mehal, P. Santamaria, and Y. Shi. 2007. Adenosine deamination sustains dendritic cell activation in inflammation. J Immunol 179: 1884-92.

7. Shi, Y., J. E. Evans, and K. L. Rock. 2003. Molecular identification of a danger signal that alerts the immune system to dying cells. Nature 425: 516-21.



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