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Yichang Jia



Yichang Jia

Yichang JiaEmail:yichangjia@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn

Lab website: http://jialab.info


Research Field:

One of the major questions for neuroscience field is to understand the disease mechanisms underlying neurological and neurodegenerative disorders. Those diseases afflict millions of people worldwide, but so far almost no effective cure for these devastating disorders, partially due to our poor understanding of the disease mechanism. To tackle it often relates to another key question in the field, the mechanisms underlying learning and memory, because impairment of learning and memory is often seen in many these diseases, including autism, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Since mouse shares over 90% gene similarity with human, to study chemical-induced mutant mice carrying learning and memory deficits or/and neurodegenerative phenotypes will great enhance our knowledge on the disease mechanisms. Our long-term goal is to combine molecular biology and mouse genetics to better understand the neurological and neurodegenerative disease mechanisms and bridge our basic research with therapeutic target discoveries.


Selected Publications

1.  Yichang Jia, John Mu, Susan Ackerman. (2012) Mutation of a U2 snRNA Gene Causes Global Disruption of Alternative Splicing and Neurodegeneration.Cell. 148, 296-308.

2.  Jian Zhou, Wanlu Du, Kechun Zhou, Yilin Tai, Hanlan Yao, Yichang Jia, Yuqiang Ding, Yizheng Wang. (2008) Critical role of TRPC6 channels in the formation of excitatory synapses. Nature Neuroscience. 11, 741-3.  

3.  YiqunYao, Xia Ding, Yichang Jia, Chuanxin Huang, Yizheng Wang, and Yunhui Xu. (2008) Anti-tumor effect of b-elemene in glioblastoma cells 3 depends on p38 MAPK activation. Cancer Lett. 264, 127-134. 

4.  Zenghua Wang, Bin Shen, Haolan Yao, Yichang Jia, Jing Ren, Youji Feng and Yizheng Wang. (2007) Blockage of intermediate-conductance-Ca2+-activated K+ channels inhibits progression of human endometrial cancer. Oncogene. 26, 5107-5114. 

5.  Chuanxin Huang, Yichang Jia, Shenglian Yang, Biao Chen, Hongwei Sun, Feng Shen and Yizheng Wang. (2007) Characterization of ZNF23, a KRAB-containing protein that is downregulated in human cancers and inhibits cell cycle progression. ExpCell Res. 313, 254-263.

6.  Yichang Jia*, Jian Zhou*, Yilin Tai and Yizheng Wang. (2007) TRPC channels promote cerebellar granule neuron survival. Nature Neuroscience 10, 559-567. * These authors contributed equally to this work. (also see News and Views, Nature Neuroscience 10, 537-538) 

7.  Yan Li*, Yichang Jia*, Kai Cui*, Ning Li, Zai-Yu Zheng, Yi-Zheng Wang and Xiao-Bing Yuan. (2005) Essential role of TRPC channels in the guidance of nerve growth cones by brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Nature. 434, 894-898. * These authors contributed equally to this work. (also see News and Views, Nature 434, 835-838)


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