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Tuoping Luo


Tuoping Luo


Email:  tuopingluo(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn

Telephone: 010-62769246

Lab Homepage: http://www.chem.pku.edu.cn/luotp/



Research Area:

My group focuses on areas of organic chemistry and chemical biology in order to provide usefully small molecules and tools for investigating biology as well as developing new medicines. On the other hand, we will challenge current opinions and innovate new methods to push forward the frontier of chemistry. There are two major programs we undertake to discover and apply novel chemistry that facilitates life science researches. The first program focuses on small molecules with known biological activities, especially structurally complex small-molecule natural products with promising properties. We aim to develop organic synthetic chemistry that revolutionizes the preparation of the targeted small-molecule library and enables efficient exploration of the chemical biology associated with the interested chemotype. The specific projects within this category range from a myriad of alkaloids modulating nicotinic acetylcholine receptors to terpenoids that function as plant hormones. The second program aims to develop and implement chemistry that interrogates the protein of interest from a new angle, including 1) the application of “bump-hole” strategy that engineers the protein-inhibitor interface to study a specific enzyme, 2) the invention of novel bio-orthogonal reactions, 3) the preparation of activatable probes targeting certain kinases or G-protein coupled receptors. Tailored according to the needs of biology groups specialized in different fields, these two synergizing programs are built upon the collaborative environment within the Center for Life Sciences.


Selected Publications:

1. “Enantioselective and Collective Syntheses of Xanthanolides Involving a Controllable Dyotropic Rearrangement of cis-β-Lactones” Ren, W.; Bian, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Shang, H.; Zhang, P.; Chen, Y.; Yang, Z.*; Luo, T.*; Tang, Y.* Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 6984-6988.
2. “Total Syntheses of Drimane-Type Sesquiterpenoids Enabled by a Gold-Catalyzed Tandem Reaction” Hang, S.; Fang, L.; Tan, C.; Shi, L.; Zhang, W.; Li, C.-C.*; Luo, T.*; Yang, Z.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 14944-14947.
3. “STK33 kinase inhibitor BRD-8899 has no effect on KRAS-dependent cancer cells viability” Luo, T.; Masson, K.; Jaffe, J. D.; Silkworth, W.; Ross, N.; Scherer, C.; Scholl, C.; Fröhling, S.; Carr, S. A.; Stern, A. M.; Schreiber, S. L.*; Golub, T. R.* Proc. Natl. Acad. Soc., USA 2012, 109, 2860-2865. 
4. “Gold(I)-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions for the Synthesis of Diverse Small Molecules Using the Build/Couple/Pair Strategy” Luo, T.; Schreiber, S. L.* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, 131, 5667-5674.
5. “Complex α–Pyrones Synthesized by a Gold-Catalyzed Coupling Reaction” Luo, T.; Schreiber, S. L.* Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2007, 46, 8250-8253.



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