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Xiaowei Chen


Xiaowei Chen


Email:  xiaowei_chen (at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn

Telephone: 62768919


Research Area:

My research program aims to understand the secretory pathway devoted to metabolic regulation. The cellular secretory pathway has evolved into selective programs, allowing a particular cell to precisely communicate and influence beyond itself. This property is instrumental to metabolic homeostasis, which relies on the secretory pathway for crosstalk and coordination among numerous cell types of different organs. In doing so, the secretory pathway not only navigates numerous protein or lipid cargos with distinct properties and itineraries, but also promptly responds to unique signal cues that mobilize the same cargo differently for specific metabolic outputs. We thus aim to illustrate the unique machinery and/or specialized signaling required for metabolic regulation, and to understand their implications in both inherited and acquired metabolic disorders.


Selected Publications:


1. Chen XW, Wang H, Pahuja KB, Zhang P, Meng ZX, Ma D, Bai Y, Liu H, Adams E, Baines A, Yu G, Sartor MA, Zhang B, Yi Z, Young SG, Schekman R, and Ginsburg D. SEC24A Deficiency Lowers Plasma Cholesterol through Reduced PCSK9 Secretion. eLife 2013 Apr 9;2:e00444. (Editor’s choice; also commented by DeBose-Boyd and Horton;)

2. Chen XW, Saltiel AR. Ral’s Engagement with the Exocyst: Breaking UP is Hard to Do. Cell Cycle 2011 Jul;10(14):2299-304.

3. Chen XW, Leto D, Xiao J, Goss J, Wang Q, Shavit JA, Xiong TT, Yu GG, Toomre D, Ginsburg D, Xu Z, and Saltiel AR. Exocyst Function is Regulated by Effector Phosphorylation. Nature Cell Biol. 2011 May; 13(5):580-8. (Highlighted by Faculty of 1000)

4. Chen XW, Leto D, Xiong TT, Yu GG, Decker SJ, and Saltiel AR. A Ral GAP Complex Links PI 3-Kinase/Akt Signaling to RalA Activation in Insulin Action. Mol. Biol. Cell 2011 Jan; 22 (1):141-52. (Editorial Highlighted Paper)

5. Chen XW, Leto D, Chiang SH, Wang Q, Saltiel AR. The Activation of RalA is Required for Insulin-Stimulated Glut4 Trafficking to the Plasma Membrane via the Exocyst and the Motor Protein Myo1c. Dev. Cell 2007 Sep; 13(3):391-404.

6. Chen XW, Saltiel AR. TIRFing out Studies on Glut4 Trafficking. Dev. Cell 2007 Jan; 12(1):4-5.

7. Chen XW, Inoue M, Hsu SC, Saliel AR. RalA-Exocyst Dependent Recycling Endosome Trafficking is Required for the Completion of Cytokinesis. J Biol. Chem. 2006 Dec 15; 281(50): 38609-16.

8. Martin TD, Chen XW, Saltiel AR, Walker CL, Reiner DJ, Der CJ. Ral and Rheb GTPase Activating Proteins Integrate mTOR and GTPase Signaling in Ageing, Autophagy, and Tumor Cell Invasion. Molecular Cell (Cover story)

9. Xiao J, Chen XW, Davies BA, Saltiel AR, Katzmann D, and Xu Z. Structural Basis of Ist1 Function and Ist1-Did2 Interaction in MVB Pathway and Cytokinesis. Mol. Biol. Cell 2009 Aug; 20(15):3514-24.

10. Wang Q, Chen XW, Margolis B. Pals1 Regulates E-cadherin Trafficking in Mammalian Epithelial Cells. Mol. Biol. Cell 2007 Mar; 18(3):874-85.


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