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Jianbin Wang

Jianbin Wang

Email: accuquantbio@biomed.tsinghua.edu.cn


Research Area

Our lab focuses on the development of novel genomic technologies and their application on biomedical research. We endeavor to analyze genetic variations with higher resolution and accuracy, to understand the effects of genetic variations on different biological processes.  To achieve our goal, we integrate a wide breadth of techniques, such as microfluidics and high-throughput sequencing, so that we can study single cells or even single chromosomes with unprecedented accuracy. With these powerful tools, we study the genetic features within various biological processes, and the causes of diseases during these processes. Our research projects include: genetic variations driving rare inheritable diseases; cell lineage tracing during embryonic development; proliferation and differentiation of cancer stem cells; genetic diversity of our immune system. 


Selected Publications

1. Peter A Underhill, G David Poznik, Siiri Rootsi, Mari Järve, Alice A Lin, Jianbin Wang, Ben Passarelli, Jad Kanbar, Natalie M Myres, Roy J King, Julie Di Cristofaro, Hovhannes Sahakyan, Doron M Behar, Alena Kushniarevich, Jelena Šarac, Tena Šaric, Pavao Rudan, Ajai Kumar Pathak, Gyaneshwer Chaubey, Viola Grugni, Ornella Semino, Levon Yepiskoposyan, Ardeshir Bahmanimehr, Shirin Farjadian, Oleg Balanovsky, Elza K Khusnutdinova, Rene J Herrera, Jacques Chiaroni, Carlos D Bustamante, Stephen R Quake, Toomas Kivisild, and Richard Villems. The phylogenetic and geographic structure of Y-chromosome haplogroup R1a. Eur. J. Hum. Genet. 23, 124–131 (2015).

2. Jianbin Wang and Stephen R Quake. RNA-guided endonuclease provides a therapeutic strategy to cure latent herpesviridae infection. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111, 13157–13162 (2014).

3. Charles F A de Bourcy#, Iwijn De Vlaminck#, Jad N Kanbar#, Jianbin Wang, Charles Gawad, and Stephen R Quake. A Quantitative Comparison of Single-Cell Whole Genome Amplification Methods. PLoS ONE 9, e105585 (2014).

4. Jianbin Wang#, H Christina Fan#, Barry Behr, and Stephen R Quake. Genome-wide single-cell analysis of recombination activity and de novo mutation rates in human sperm. Cell 150, 402–412 (2012).

5. H Christina Fan#, Wei Gu#, Jianbin Wang, Yair J Blumenfeld, Yasser Y El-Sayed, and Stephen R Quake. Non-invasive prenatal measurement of the fetal genome. Nature 487, 320–324 (2012).

6. Piero Dalerba#, Tomer kalisky#, Debashis Sahoo#, Pradeep S Rajendran, Michael E Rothenberg, Anne A Leyrat, Sopheak Sim, Jennifer Okamoto, Darius M Johnston, Dalong Qian, Maider Zabala, Janet Bueno, Norma F Neff, Jianbin Wang, Andrew A Shelton, Brendan Visser, Shigeo Hisamori, Yohei Shimono, Marc van de Wetering, Hans Clevers, Michael F Clarke, and Stephen R Quake. Single-cell dissection of transcriptional heterogeneity in human colon tumors. Nat. Biotechnol. 29, 1120–1127 (2011).

7. H Christina Fan, Jianbin Wang, Anastasia Potanina, and Stephen R Quake. Whole-genome molecular haplotyping of single cells. Nat. Biotechnol. 29, 51–57 (2011).

8. Jianbin Wang#, Ying Zhou#, Haiwei Qiu, Huang Huang, Changhong Sun, Jianzhong Xi, and Yanyi Huang. A chip-to-chip nanoliter microfluidic dispenser. Lab Chip 9, 1831–1835 (2009).


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