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Junmin Pan

Junmin Pan


Research Area

1) Mechanisms of ciliary assembly, disassembly and length control.

2) Algal metabolism and biotechniques.


Selected Publications

1.    Liang Y, Meng D, Zhu B, and Pan, J*. 2016. Mechanism of ciliary disassembly. Cell Mol Life Sci, 73(9):1787-802 (invited review).

2.    Meng D and Pan J*. 2016. A NIMA-related kinase, CNK4, regulates ciliary stability and length. Mol Biol Cell, 27(5):838-47.

3.    Hu Z, Liang Y, He W, and Pan J*. 2015. Cilia disassembly with two distinct phases of regulation. Cell Reports, 10, 1803-1810.

4.    Hu J, Liang Y, Meng D, Wang L, and Pan J*. 2015. Microtubule Depolymerizing Kinesins in the Regulation of Assembly, Disassembly and Length of Cilia and Flagella. Int Rev Cell Mol Biol, 317, 241-265 (invited review).

5.    Liang Y, Pang Y, Wu W, Hu Z, Han X, Xu Y, Deng H, and Pan J*. 2014. FLA8/KIF3B phosphorylation regulates kinesin-II interaction with IFT-B to control IFT entry and turnaround. Dev Cell, 30, 585-597 (feature article).

6.    Pan J and Snell W*. 2014. Organelle size: a cilium length signal regulates IFT cargo loading. Curr Biol, 24, R875-78.

7.    Meng D, Cao M, Oda T, and Pan J*. 2014. The conserved ciliary protein Bug22 controls planar beating of Chlamydomonas flagella. J Cell Sci, 127, 281-287.

8.    Cao M, Meng D, Wang L, Bei S, Snell W*, and Pan J*. 2013. Activation loop phosphorylation of a protein kinase is a molecular marker of organelle size that dynamically reports flagellar length. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 110, 12337-42.

9.    Wang L, Piao J, Cao M, Tao Q, Huang J, Deng H, Mao T, and Pan J*. 2013. Flagellar regeneration requires cytoplasmic microtubule depolymerization and kinesin13. J Cell Sci, 126, 1531-1540 (Cover image and feature article).

10.  Pan J*, T Seeger-Nukpezah, EA Golemis*. 2013. The roles of the cilium in normal and abnormal cell cycles: emphsis on renal cystic pathologies. Cell Mol Life Sci, 70, 1849-1874.

11.  Pan J*, Naumann-Bausch B, Wang L, Specht M, Scholz M, Trompelt K, and M Hippler*. 2011. Protein phosphorylation is a key event of flagellar disassembly revealed by analysis of flagellar phosphoproteins during flagellar shortening in Chlamydomonas. J Prot Res, 10, 3830-3839.

12.  Luo M, Cao M, Kan Y, Li G, Snell W and Pan J*. 2011. Protein phosphosphorylation states of an auroa-like kinase marks the length of growing flagella. Curr Biol21586-591.



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