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Wei Zhang


Wei Zhang



Research area:

1, Molecular mechanisms for auditory and interoceptive transduction.

2, Neural circuits underlying mechanosensory behaviors.

Selected Publications:

1. Li, J., Zhang, W*., Guo, Z., Wu, S., Jan, L.Y., and Jan, Y.N. (2016). A defensive kicking behavior in response to mechanical stimuli mediated by Drosophila wing margin bristles. J. Neurosci. 36:11275-11282. *: Co-first authors.

2. Guo Y.*, Wang Y.*, Zhang, W.*, Meltzer S.*, Zanini, D*., Yu Y., Li, J., Cheng, T., Guo, Z., Wang Q., Jacobs J. S., Sharma Y., Eberl D., Göpfert, M., Jan, L.Y., Jan, Y.N. and Wang Z. Transmembrane channel-like (tmc) gene regulates Drosophila larval locomotion. P.N.A.S. 2016 Jun 28;113(26):7243-8. *: Co-first authors.

3. Zhang, W.*, Cheng, L.E.*, Kittelmann, M.*, Li, J., Petkovic, M., Cheng, T., Jin, P., Guo, Z., Göpfert, M., Jan, L.Y., Jan, Y.N. (2015). Ankyrin Repeats Act as a Tether for Conveying Force to Gate the NOMPC Mechanotransduction Channel. Cell. 10 September 2015, 162, Issue 6, p1391–1403. *: Co-first authors.

4. Zhang, W*., Yan, Z.*, Li, B., Jan, Y.L., Jan, Y.N. (2014). Identification of motor neurons and a mechanosensitive sensory neuron in the defecation circuitry of Drosophila larvae. eLife. 2014; 10.7554/eLife.03293. *: Co-first authors.

5. Zhang, W., Yan, Z., Jan, Y.L., Jan, Y.N. (2013). Sound response mediated by the TRP channels NOMPC, NANCHUNG, and INACTIVE in chordotonal organs of Drosophila larvae. P.N.A.S. vol. 110, no. 33.

6. Yan, Z.*, Zhang, W.*, He, Y., Gorczyca, D., Xiang, Y., Cheng, L., Meltzer, S., Jan, Y.L., Jan, Y.N. (2013). Drosophila NompC is a mechanotransduction channel subunit for gentle-touch sensation. Nature. 2013 Jan 10; 493(7431): 221-5. *: Co-first authors.

7. Hu, A.*, Zhang, W.*, Wang, Z. (2010). Functional feedback from mushroom bodies to antennal lobes in the Drosophila olfactory pathway. P.N.A.S. vol. 107 no. 22 10262-10267. *: Co-first authors.

8. Zhang, W., Ge, W., and Wang, Z. (2007). A toolbox for light control of Drosophila behaviors through Channelrhodopsin 2-mediated photoactivation of targeted neurons. Eur. J. Neurosci. 26: 2405-2416.

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