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Yue Zhou


Yue Zhou


Email: Yue_Zhouatpkudotedudotcn


Research Area:

My overarching research interests focus on the role of epigenetic regulation in plant development and plant-environment responses. We use combined genetics, genomics, cell biology and biochemistry approaches to study the molecular mechanism of plant chromatin 3D structure regulation, and how chromatin 3D structure is able to affect transcription and genome maintenance.


Selected Publications:

1.    Yang, T., Wang, D., Tian, G., Sun, L., Yang, M., Yin, X., Xiao, J., Sheng, Y., Zhu, D., He, H., Zhou, Y. Chromatin remodeling complexes regulate genome architecture in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell, Accepted, 2022.

2.    Yin, X., Romero-Campero, F JM#., de Los Reyes, P., Yan, Peng., Yang, J., Tian, G., Yang, X., Mo, X., Zhao, S., Calonje, M#., Zhou, Y#. H2AK121ub in Arabidopsis associates with a less accessible chromatin state at transcriptional regulation hotspots. Nat Commum 12(1): 315, 2021.

3.    Zhou, Y., Wang, Y., Krause, K., Dogus, J., Zhang, Y., Turck, F. Telobox motifs recruit CLF/SWN-PRC2 for H3K27me3 deposition via TRB factors in Arabidopsis. Nat Genet 50(5):638-644, 2018.

4.    Zhou, Y., Tergemina, E., Cui, H., Forderer, A., Hartwig, B., Velikkakam James, G., Schneeberger, K., and Turck, F. Ctf4-related protein recruits LHP1-PRC2 to maintain H3K27me3 levels in dividing cells in Arabidopsis thaliana. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 114, 4833-4838, 2017.

5.    Zhou, Y*., Romero-Campero, F.J*., Gomez-Zambrano, A., Turck, F., and Calonje, M. H2A monoubiquitination in Arabidopsis thaliana is generally independent of LHP1 and PRC2 activity. Genome Biol 18, 69 2017.

6.    Zhou, Y., Hartwig, B., James, G. V., Schneeberger, K. & Turck, F. Complementary Activities of TELOMERE REPEAT BINDING Proteins and Polycomb Group Complexes in Transcriptional Regulation of Target Genes. Plant Cell 28, 87-101, 2016.



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