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Peng Du



Peng Du




Research Area:

Our study focuses on RNA Biology and Stem Cell Biology. By combining virous research approaches, including biochemistry, molecular biology, high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, etc., we aim to identify novel RNA regulatory pathways, and to further investigate their biological relevance in Embryonic Stem Cells and early embryonic development.


Representative Publications

1.  Du P, Pirouz M, Choi J, Huebner AJ, Clement K, Meissner A, Hochedlinger K, and Gregory RI (2018). An Intermediate Pluripotent State Controlled by microRNAs is Required for the Naïve to Primed Stem Cell Transition. Cell Stem Cell. 22:851-864.

2.  Pirouz M, Du P, Munafò M, Gregory RI (2016). Dis3l2-Mediated Decay Is a Quality Control Pathway for Noncoding RNAs. Cell Reports. 16:1861-73.

3.    Lin S, Choe J, Du P, Triboulet R and Gregory RI (2016). METTL3 promotes translation in human cancer cells. Molecular Cell. 62:335-45.

4.    Du P, Wang L, Sliz P, Gregory RI (2015). A Biogenesis Step Upstream of Microprocessor Controls miR-1792 Expression. Cell. 162:885-99.

5.   Thornton JE, Du P, Jing L, Sjekloca L, Lin S, Grossi E, Sliz P, Zon LI, Gregory RI (2014). Selective microRNA uridylation by Zcchc6 (TUT7) and Zcchc11 (TUT4). Nucleic Acids Res. 42:11777-91

6.   Cao MJ*, Du P*, Wang XB, Li Y, Ding SW (2014). Virus infection triggers widespread silencing of host genes by a distinct class of endogenous siRNAs in Arabidopsis. PNAS. 111:14613-8. (* Co-first auther). 

7.    Du P*, Wu JG*, Zhang J, Zhao SQ, Zheng H, Gao G, Wei L, Li Y. (2011) Viral Infection Induces Expression of Novel Phased MicroRNAs from Conserved Cellular MicroRNA Precursors. PLoS Pathogens. 7:e1002176 (* Co-first author).


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