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Jingdong Han






Tel: +86-010-62757330

E-mail: jackie.han@pku.edu.cn

Home Page: http://www.picb.ac.cn/hanlab/index.html



Research Area:

The research of the lab is focused on three areas: 1) Systems biology of aging, stem cell differentiation and cancer development; 2) Computational algorithm development for data integration and network analysis; 3) Genetic robustness or fail-safe mechanisms engineered to genetic networks. Using data-mining, statistics approaches and network theories, we first try to generate biological hypotheses and computational models from high throughput data, and then use molecular biology, cell biology and systems biology approaches to validate and refine models and hypotheses.


Selected Publications:

1)      Guangdun Peng^*, Shengbao Suo^, Guizhong Cui^, Fang Yu^, Ran Wang, Jun Chen, Shirui Chen, Zhiwen Liu, Guoyu Chen, Yun Qian, Patrick P. L. Tam, Jing-Dong J. Han* and Naihe Jing*. Molecular architecture of lineage allocation and tissue organization in early mouse embryo. Nature August, 2019. 

2)      Yaqiang Cao, Guoyu Chen, Gang Wu, Xiaoli Zhang, Joseph     McDermott, Xingwei Chen, Chi Xu, Quanlong Jiang, Zhaoxiong Chen,  Yingying Zeng, Daosheng Ai, Yi Huang and Jing-Dong J. Han*. Widespread roles of enhancer-like transposable elements in cell identity and long-range genomic interactions. Genome Research. 2018. 29(1):40-52

3)      Denghui Liu, Xinyi Wang, Dajian He, Chunli Sun, Xiechao He, Lanzhen Yan, Yizhou Li, Jing-Dong J. Han* and Ping Zheng*. Single cell RNA-sequencing reveals the existence of naïve and primed pluripotency in pre-implantation rhesus monkey embryos. Genome Research. 2018. 10(28):1481-1493

4)      Sun N, Yu X, Li F, Liu D, Suo S, Chen W, Chen S, Song L, Green CD,  McDermott J, Shen Q, Jing N and Han JJ*, Inference of differentiation time for single cell transcriptomes using cell population reference data, Nature Communications,2017Nov30 ;8(1):1856:1-12.doi:10.1038/s41467-017-01860-2

5)      Chen J, Suo S, Tam PP, Han JJ*, Peng G, Jing N*. Spatial transcriptomic analysis of cryosectioned tissue samples with Geo-seq. Nature Protocol, 2017 vol. 12 (3):566-580  

6)      Lei Hou, Dan Wang, Di Chen, Yi Liu, Yue Zhang, Hao Cheng, Chi Xu, Na Sun, Joseph McDermott, and William B. Mair and Jing-Dong J. Han*. A Systems Approach to Reverse Engineer Lifespan Extension by Dietary Restriction. Cell Metabolism, 2016, 8;23(3):529-40


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