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Xiaoyu Hu

Xiaoyu Hu


Research Areas

1) Macrophage biology including transcriptional, translational and metabolic mechanisms that regulate macrophage activation and functionality

2) Molecular mechanisms governing responses of intestinal epithelial cells to microbial infections and environmental cues

3) Pathogenesis of human autoimmune and inflammatory disorders  


Selected Publications

1. Ji L, Zhao X, Zhang B, Kang L, Song W, Zhao B, Xie W, Chen L, Hu X. Slc6A8-mediated creatine uptake and accumulation reprogram macrophage polarization via regulating cytokine responses. Immunity 2019; 51:272-284

2. Liang S, Guo XK, Ou J, Huang R, Xue Q, Zhang B, Chung Y, Wu W, Dong C, Yang X, Hu X. Nutrient sensing by the intestinal epithelium orchestrates mucosal antimicrobial defense via translational control of Hes1. Cell Host & Microbe 2019; 25:706-718

3. Ning F, Li Y, Yu L, Zhang B, Liu Y, Zhao B, Shang Y, Hu X. Transcription factor Hes1 attenuates type I interferon-mediated immune responses via VEGF-C and WDFY1. Journal of Experimental Medicine 2019; 216:1396-1410

4. Shang Y, Coppo M, He T, Ning F, Yu L, Kang L, Zhang B, Ju C, Qiao Y, Zhao B, Gessler M, Rogatsky I, Hu X. The transcriptional repressor Hes1 attenuates inflammation by regulating transcription elongation. Nature Immunology 2016; 17:930-937

5. Xu H, Zhu J, Smith S, Foldi J, Zhao B, Chung AY, Outtz HH, Kitajewski J, Shi C, Weber S, Saftig P, Li YM, Ozato K, Blobel CP, Ivashkiv LB, Hu X. Notch-RBP-J signaling regulates IRF8 to promote inflammatory macrophage polarization. Nature Immunology 2012; 13:642-650


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