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Jie Lin



Jie Lin


Email: linjie@pku.edu.cn



Research area:


My main research field is theoretical biological physics, and I aim to understand complex biological systems using the language of physics. I am mostly interested in phenomena that are widely observed across various species. Current research interests include mathematical modeling of gene expression, soft living matter, and microbial physiology.

My research goal is to find unifying models that can quantitatively reproduce experimental observations and, in the meantime, make nontrivial predictions that can be experimentally tested. To achieve this goal, the most challenging step is often to find an appropriate mathematical model that captures the essential ingredients of the system under study and neglects those irrelevant details. In condensed matter physics, the essential variables are usually easy to identify as systems are mostly homogeneous. However, biological systems are generally much more complex and heterogeneous (think about a eukaryotic cell that consists of various organelles and biomolecules), therefore identifying the essential variables may not be straightforward and often requires some physical intuitions. For physicists, this is probably the most exciting part of biological physics.


Selected Publications:


1. Disentangling intrinsic and extrinsic gene expression noise in growing cells, Jie Lin, Ariel Amir, Physical Review Letters, 126, 078101, 2021

2. Evolution of microbial growth traits under serial dilution, Jie Lin, Michal Manhart, Ariel Amir, Genetics, 2020

3. Optimal segregation of proteins: phase transitions and symmetry breaking, Jie Lin, Jiseon Min, Ariel Amir, Physical Review Letters, 122, 068101, 2019               

4. Homeostasis of protein and mRNA concentrations in growing cells, Jie Lin, Ariel Amir, Nature Communications9, 4496, 2018

5. Modeling cell size regulation: From single-cell level statistics to molecular mechanisms and population-level effects, Po-Yi Ho, Jie Lin, Ariel Amir, Annual Review of Biophysics, 47, 2018

6. The effects of stochasticity at the single-cell level and cell size control on the population growthJie Lin, Ariel AmirCell Systems5(4):358-3672017

7. Evidence for marginal stability in emulsionsJie Lin, Ivane Jorjadze, Lea-Laetitia Pontani, Matthieu Wyart, and Jasna Brujic Physical Review Letters, 117, 208001, 2016

8. Mean-field description of plasticity in amorphous solids, Jie Lin, Matthieu WyartPhysical Review X, 6, 011005, 2016

9. Criticality in the approach to failure in granular materials and amorphous solids, Jie Lin, Thomas Gueudre, Alberto Rosso, Matthieu Wyart, Physical Review Letters, 115, 168001, 2015

10. Scaling description of the yielding transition in soft amorphous solids at zero temperature, Jie Lin, Edan Lerner, Alberto Rosso, Matthieu WyartProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111 (40) 14382-14387, 2014

11. On the density of shear transformation zones in amorphous solids, Jie Lin, Alaa Sadde, Edan Lerner, Alberto Rosso, Matthieu WyartEPL (Europhysics Letters), 105, 26003, 2014




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