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Yuling Jiao


Yuling Jiao


Email: yuling(dot)jiao(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn

Lab Homepage: http://jiaolab.genetics.ac.cn


Research Area

Yuling Jiao’s lab combines multidisciplinary approaches to study plant development, in particular shoot lateral appendage formation and patterning. In combination with mathematical simulation, they study the 3D form acquisition of leaves, the primary aerial organ. In addition, they study how a stem cell lineage is maintained in the leaf axil to enable shoot branching. More recently, the lab has spearheaded plant synthetic genomics research, and aims at establishing the first synthetic plant chromosome.


Selected Publications:

1.     Zhao, F., Du, F., Oliveri, H., Zhou, L., Ali, O., Chen, W., Feng, S., Wang, Q., Lü, S., Long, M., Schneider, R., Sampathkumar, A., Godin, C., Traas, J.* and Jiao, Y.* (2020) Microtubule-mediated wall anisotropy contributes to leaf blade flattening. Curr. Biol. 30: 3972-3985.

Highlighted with a Dispatch article in Curr. Biol. 30: R1268-R1270

2.     Zhou, Y., Zhao, X., Li, Y., Xu, J., Bi, A., Kang, L., Chen, H., Wang, Y., Wang, Y., Liu, S., Jiao, C., Lu, H., Wang, J., Yin, C., Jiao, Y.* and Lu, F.* (2020) Convergence within divergence: insights of wheat adaptation from Triticum population sequencing. Nat. Genet. 52: 1412-1422.

3.     Cao, X., Wang, J., Xiong, Y., Yang, H., Yang, M., Ye, P., Bencivenga, S., Sablowski, S. and Jiao, Y.* (2020) A self-activation loop maintains meristematic cell fate for branching. Curr. Biol. 30: 1893-1904.

4.     Tian, C., Wang, Y., Yu, H., He, J., Shi, B., Du, Q., Provart, N.J., Meyerowitz, E.M., and Jiao, Y.* (2019) A gene-expression map of shoot domains reveals new regulatory mechanisms. Nat. Commun. 10: 141.

5.     Shi, B., Guo, X., Wang, Y., Xiong, Y., Wang, J., Hayashi, K.-i., Lei, J., Zhang, L.* and Jiao, Y.* (2018) Feedback from lateral organs controls shoot apical meristem growth by modulating auxin transport. Dev. Cell 44: 204-216.

6.     Guan, C., Wu, B., Yu, T., Wang, Q., Krogan, N.T., Liu, X. and Jiao, Y.* (2017) Spatial auxin signaling controls leaf flattening in Arabidopsis. Curr. Biol. 27: 2940-2950.

Selected for F1000 Prime

7.     Qi, J., Wu, B., Feng, S., Lü, S., Guan, C., Zhang, X., Qiu, D., Hu, Y., Zhou, Y., Li, C., Long, M.* and Jiao, Y.* (2017) Mechanical regulation of organ asymmetry in leaves. Nat. Plants 3: 724-733.

Featured on the cover

8.     Wang, J., Tian, C., Zhang, C., Shi, B., Cao, X., Zhang, T.-Q., Zhao, Z., Wang, J.-W. and Jiao, Y.* (2017) Cytokinin signaling activates WUSCHEL expression during axillary meristem initiation. Plant Cell 29: 1374-1387.

Featured on the cover

Highlighted with a Spotlight article in Trends Plant Sci 22: 815-817



1.     Du, F. and Jiao, Y. (2020) Mechanical control of plant morphogenesis: concepts and progress. Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 57: 16–23.

2.     Du, F., Guan, C. and Jiao, Y. (2018) Molecular mechanisms of leaf morphogenesis. Mol. Plant 11: 1117-1134.

3.   Wang, Y. and Jiao, Y. (2018) Axillary meristem initiation — a way to branch out. Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 41: 61-66. 


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