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Chen Dong

Name: Chen Dong                                                






Research Area:

We are interested in studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying immune tolerance and immune responses and hope that our research will lead to new approaches of modulating the immune system in a variety of immune diseases and cancers.

1. T lymphocyte differentiation and function

2. Cytokine function and signaling in inflammation

3. Immune tolerance and tumor immunity


Selected Publications:

1. Liu, X.,Wang, Y., Lu, H., Li, J., Yan, X., Xiao, M., Hao, J., Hoang, O. N., Khong, H., Chen, T., Huang, R., Wu, J., Zhao, Q., Wu, Q., Xu, S., Wang, X., Jin, W., Yu, S., Wang, Y., Wei, L., Wang, A., Zhong, B., Ni, L., Liu, X., Nurieva, R., Ye, L., Tian, Q., Bian, X.-W. and Dong, C. (2019) Genome-wide analysis identifies Nr4a1 as a key mediator of T cell dysfunction. Nature. 567:525-529.

2. Su, Y., Huang, J., Zhao, X., Lu, H., Wang, W., Yang, X. O., Shi, Y., Wang, X., Lai, Y. and Dong, C. (2019) Interleukin-17 receptor D constitutes an alternative receptor for interleukin-17A important in psoriasis-like skin inflammation. (2019) Science Immunology. 4:36.

3. Xu, W., Zhao, X., Wang, X., Feng, H., Gou, M., Jin, W., Wang, X., Liu, X. and Dong, C. The transcription factor Tox2 drives T follicular helper cell development via regulating chromatin accessibility. (2019) Immunity. 51:826-839

4. Chang D, Xing Q, Su Y, Zhao X, Xu W, Wang X, Dong C. (2020). The Conserved Non-coding Sequences CNS6 and CNS9 Control Cytokine-Induced Rorc Transcription during T Helper 17 Cell Differentiation. Immunity, 53(3):614-626.e4.

5. Wang X, Ni L, Wan S, Zhao X, Ding X, Dejean A, Dong C. (2020). Febrile temperature critically controls the differentiation and pathogenicity of T helper 17 cells. Immunity, 52(2):328-341

6. Ni L, Ye F, Cheng ML, Feng F, Deng YQ, Zhao H, Wei P, Ge Ji, Gou M, Li X, Sun L, Cao T, Wang P, Zhou C, Zhang R, Liang R, Guo H, Wang X, Qin CF, Chen F, Dong C. (2020). Detection of SARS-CoV-2-specific humoral and cellular immunity in COVID-19 convalescent individuals. Immunity, 2020, (20) 30181-3

7. Dong, C. Seventeen on inflammation (Commentary) (2020) Nature Immunology 21:821-822.

8. Sun, L., Zhao, X., Liu, X., Zhong, B., Tang, H., Jin, W., Clevers, H., Wang, H., Wang, X. and Dong, C. Transcription factor Ascl2 promotes germinal center B cell responses by directly regulating AID transcription. (2021) Cell Reports. 35:109188.

9. Angkasekwinai, P. and Dong, C. IL-9-producing T cells: potential players in allergy and cancer. (Review)(2021) Nature Review Immunology. 21:37-48

10. Dong, C. Cytokine regulation and function in T cells. (Review) (2021) Annual Review of Immunology. 39:51-76

11. Huang J, Lee HY, Zhao X, Han J, Su Y, Sun Q, Shao J, Ge J, Zhao Y, Bai X, He Y, Wang X, Wang X, Dong C. (2021). Interleukin-17D regulates group 3 innate lymphoid cell function through its receptor CD93. Immunity, 54(4):673-686.

12. Dong, C. Defining the TH17 cell lineage. (Journal Club) (2021) Nature Review of Immunology 21: 618.

13. Chi, X., Jin, W., Bai, X., Zhao, X., Shao, J., Li, J., Sun, Q., Su, B., Wang, X., Yang, X. O. and Dong, C. RORa is critical for mTORC1 activity in T cell-mediated colitis. (2021) Cell Reports 36:109682.

14. Wan, S., Ni, L., Zhao, X., Liu, X., Xu, W., Jin, W., Wang, X. and Dong, C. Costimulation molecules differentially regulate the ERK-Zfp831 axis to shape T follicular helper cell differentiation. (2021) Immunity 54:2740-2755. 


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