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Zexian Zeng



Zexian Zeng

Email: zexianzeng@pku(dot)edu(dot)cn

Lab Homepagehttp://cqb.pku.edu.cn/zenglab/


Research Area

Our research focuses on cancer immunology and immunotherapy, cell signaling, and gene expression regulation. We are developing a number of algorithms and experimental tools to understand tumor immunity and immunotherapy response. We have developed multiple algorithms to analyze high throughput sequencing data, including RNA-seq, WES, CRISPR Screen, single cell, spatial transcriptomics, ATAC-seq data, etc. When data lead us to unexpected but interesting results, we also design experiments on the bench hoping to understand the underlying mechanisms. In addition, we are also developing multiple experimental platforms to perturb both immune and cancer cells and study their effects in the tumor microenvironment. 

Selected Publications

1.    Zeng Z*, Gu S*, Wong C, Li D, Lin Y, Wong C, Ouardaoui N, Zhang W, Brown M, Liu XS: A joint dimension reduction framework to model immunotherapy response for syngeneic mouse models. Science Advances (2022) 10.1126

2.    Zeng Z*, Gu S*, Yang L, Wong C, Ouardaoui N, Zhang W, Li D, Weirather J, Zhang Y, Meyer C, Rodig S, Hodi SF#, Brown M#, Liu XS#: Hippo signaling pathway regulates MHCII expression in melanoma. Cancer Immunology Research (2022) 10.1158

3.    Zeng Z*,#, Wong C*, Lin Y*, Li D, Zhang Y, Gu S, Zhang W, Kim S, Yates K, Freeman G, Brown M, Manguso R, Liu XS#: TISMO: syngeneic mouse tumor database to model tumor immunity and immunotherapy response. Nucleic Acids Research (2021) 10.1093

4.    Zeng Z*, Li Y*, Li Yi*, Luo Y: Computational methods for spatially resolved transcriptomics data analysis. Genome Biology (2022) 10.02653

5.    Zeng Z*, Fu J*, Cibulskis C, Jhaveri A, Gumbs C, Das B, … & Liu XS#, Wu C#: Cross-site concordance evaluation of tumor DNA and RNA sequencing platforms for the CIMAC-CIDC network. Clinical Cancer Research. (2021).20.3251

6.    Kumar S*, Zeng Z*, Bagati A*, Tay Re*, Sanz L, Hartono SR, … & Liu XS#, Wucherpfennig K#: Carm1 inhibition enables immunotherapy of resistant tumors by dual action on tumor and T-cells. Cancer Discovery (2021). 20-1144

7.    Zhou L*, Zeng Z*, Egloff A, Zhang F, Guo F, Cambell K, Du P, … & Liu XS#, Uppaluri R#: Checkpoint blockade induced CD8+ T cell differentiation in responders in head and neck cancers. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer (2021). 10 (1), e004034

8.    Zeng Z, Vo A, Li X, Shidfar Ali, Saldana P, Xuei X, Luo Y, Khan AS, Clare SE: Somatic genetic aberrations in benign breast disease and the risk of subsequent breast cancer. npj Breast Cancer. (2020). 6(1),1-11

9.    Zeng Z, Amin A, Roy A, Pulliam N, Karavites L, Espino S, Li X, Luo Y, Khan AS: Preoperative magnetic resonance imaging and oncologic outcomes in premenopausal breast cancer patients. npj Breast Cancer. (2020). 6(1),1-8.

10.   Zeng Z, Vo A, Mao C, Clare S, Khan S, Luo Y: Cancer classification and pathway discovering using non-negative matrix factorization. Journal of Biomedical Informatics. (2019): 103247





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