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Coco Chu

Coco Chu


Research Area


Neuroimmunology, Mucosal Immunology


The Chu Laboratory strives to understand the interactions between the microbiota, the immune system, and the nervous system. We are tremendously excited to discover previously unrecognized crosstalk, to unveil the underlying molecular mechanisms, and to help develop the next generation of preventative, therapeutic, or curative treatment strategies.


We define our own success by the personal and career development of team members, the promotion of diversity and equity, and ultimately by the outcomes of patients suffering worldwide from inflammatory (including allergic, infectious, and autoimmune) diseases.


Selected Publications

1. Chu C, Parkhurst CN, Zhang W, Zhou L, Yano H, Arifuzzaman M, Artis D. The ChAT-acetylcholine pathway promotes group 2 innate lymphoid cell responses and anti-helminth immunity. Sci Immunol 2021 Mar 5; 6 (57).

2. Chu C, Artis D#, Chiu IM#. Neuro-immune interactions in the tissues. Immunity 2020 Mar 17; 52 (3). #Co-correspondence authors.

3.       Chu C, Murdock MH, Jing D, Won TH, Chung H, Kressel AM, Tsaava T, Addorisio ME, Putzel GG, Zhou L, Bessman NJ, Yang R, Moriyama S, Parkhurst CN, Li A, Meyer HC, Teng F, Chavan SS, Tracey KJ, Regev A, Schroeder FC, Lee FS, Liston C#, Artis D#. The intestinal microbiota regulate neuronal function and fear extinction learning. Nature 2019 Oct; 574 (7779). #Co-correspondence authors.

4. Zhou L, Chu C, Teng F, Bessman NJ, Goc J, Santosa EK, Putzel GG, Kabata H, Kelsen JR, Baldassano RN, Shah MA, Sockolow RE, Vivier E, Eberl G, Smith KA, Sonnenberg GF. Innate lymphoid cells support regulatory T cells in the intestine through interleukin-2. Nature 2019 Apr; 568 (7752).

5. Chu C*, Moriyama S*, Li Z, Zhou L, Flamar AL, Klose CSN, Moeller JB, Putzel GG, Withers DR, Sonnenberg GF, Artis D. Anti-microbial functions of group 3 innate lymphoid cells in gut-associated lymphoid tissues are regulated by G-protein-coupled receptor 183. Cell Rep 2018 June 26; 23 (13). *Co-first authors.

6. Chu C, Wang Y, Zhang X, Ni X, Cao J, Xu W, Dong Z, Yuan P, Wei W, Ma Y, Zhang L, Wu L, Qi H. SAP-regulated T Cell-APC adhesion and ligation-dependent and -independent Ly108-CD3ζ interactions. J Immunol 2014 Oct 15; 193 (8).



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