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Decmeber 16th Seminar-From Epigenetics Mechanism to Targeted Therapy 2013-12-16
December 23rd Seminar-Interaction of a Symbiotic bacterium with Human Pathogens in Mosquito Vectors and its Implementation in Disease Control 2013-12-13
December 12th Seminar-Role of the Conserved Pif1 Helicase in Homologous DNA Repair 2013-12-05
December 2nd Seminiar-Natural-product Drug Discovery from Marine-derived Actinomycetes: Isolation, Structure Elucidation, Bioactivity and Biosynthesis 2013-11-26
November 25th Seminar-Bacterial tubulin homolog FtsZ - cytoskeleton and motor all in one. 2013-11-19
November 12th Seminar-Remodelling of mycobacterial peptidoglycan during tuberculosis disease 2013-11-06
November 6th Seminar—How to publish in Science 2013-11-04
October 8th Seminar-ABC Transporters: Structures and Mechanisms 2013-10-29
October 23rd Seminer- Connecting the dots: using imaging and systems biology to better understand immune system function 2013-10-15
October 24th Seminar-Interactions between pneumococcal capsule and host immunity 2013-10-17
October 18th Seminar- Biology and Mechanism of Hedgehog Signaling 2013-10-11
October 21st Seminar- mRNA processing, decay and quality control in eukaryotes 2013-10-11
October 9th Seminar-Mechanisms for the Control of Metabolic Homeostasis 2013-10-08
October 15th Seminar-The Roots of Obesity: Mechanisms of Fat Synthesis and Storage 2013-10-08
August 29th Tsinghua Seminar-Transient gene expression in animal cells - the fastest and most reliable way to provide high value proteins for fundamental research and for preclinical evaluation 2013-08-19
August 28th Tsinghua Seminar-CHO cells: Workhorse for ton-quantity production of recombinant protein pharmaceuticals - the why, the how and what now 2013-08-19
July 25th Tsinghua Seminar-Patterning the Immunological Synapse with Lipid Second Messengers 2013-07-11
July 16th-Tsinghua Mini-symposium of CryoEM 2013-07-11
July 4th Seminar-Micro and Nano-printing of 3D Designer Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering 2013-06-28
July 3rd Seminar-Convergent Divergence: Jacque Monod’s "Necessity and Chance" in the Age of Epigenetics 2013-06-28
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