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Bayer Tsinghua Joint Symposium on Drug Discovery

      Bayer Healthcare has recently extended its strategic partnership with Tsinghua University to further strengthen its Global Drug Discovery activities in China.
      One cornerstone of the partnership is the annual Bayer-Tsinghua Joint Symposium on Drug Discovery, a successful forum for scientific exchange between experts from Bayer HealthCare’s Global Drug Discovery function and scientists from Tsinghua University. The 3rd Symposium in this series was held on May 22nd. During this year’s Symposium the Keynote lectures focused on Small Molecule as well as Biologics Drug Discovery portraying successful examples from Bayer’s pipeline presented by Helmut Haning, Hanno Wild, and Anette Sommer, as well as well-known expert in Biologics development from Sino Biologics, Prof. Liangzhi Xie. During the two parallel afternoon sessions of Oncology/Immunology research and Lead Discovery, a selected group of Tsinghua scientists discussed their research results with the experienced experts from Bayer HealthCare for the purpose of exploring new areas of future collaboration.
       Bayer Healthcare and Tsinghua University are using the “Bayer-Tsinghua (School of Medicine) Joint Research Center for Innovative Drug Discovery (BTC)” as a platform for joint research projects.  Over the past three years, 17 joined research projects have been successfully initiated, some of which have produced results with impacts to GDD’s internal projects.  The Center also recognizes innovative research of Tsinghua through an annual Faculty Fund where ”Bayer Investigator Awards” are presented to outstanding Tsinghua investigators.  During this year’s Symposium 6 awards were presented.
      The Bayer-Tsinghua Joint Symposium on Drug Discovery has established itself as an attractive forum for  scientific exchange between the two partners. The productive interactions between the experts from both sides will give rise to innovative research projects in the near future.

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