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June 24th Seminar - Baron Chanda


Molecular mechanisms of voltage- and
temperature- dependent gating of ion channels
Speaker: Baron Chanda
Associate Professor 
Department of Neuroscience, 
University of Wisconsin
Members of the voltage-gated ion channel superfamily (VGICs) play a central role in electrical excitability in mammals. They are activated by voltage and, in some instances, also by physiological ligands and temperature. Despite the availability of high-resolution structures in recent years, a comprehensive understanding of molecular mechanisms is lacking in large part due to lack of robust tools for high-throughput mechanistic analysis. In the first part of the presentation, I will discuss the development of analytical tools to quantify and deconstruct the energetic effects of mutations in a model-independent fashion. In the second part, I will discuss our progress in understanding the molecular mechanisms that determine temperature-sensitivity in members of VGICs. Our studies shed light on a putatively novel paradigm for allosteric gating of ion channels.

Time: 10:00, June 24th, 2015(Wednesday)
Venue: Room 323, Medicine Building 
Host: Prof. Nieng YAN 


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