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The First Modern Medical Science Forum

      On May 17, 2012, Tsuinghua University and Bristol-Myers Squibb will cohost the first Modern Medical Forum, in which  Francis Cuss, M.D., senior vice president, Research, and  Brian Daniels, M.D., senior vice president  Global Development and Medical Affairs, will present a lecture on behalf of Bristol-Myers Squibb titled, “Envisioning a Path to Future Medical Science: Translational Research and Development.” Yigong Shi, PH. D., dean and professor at the Tsinghua University School of Life Sciences will address the life science paradigm shift in China.


        Life science is a pillar of healthcare and medicine and is at the forefront of modern research and education in the twenty-first century. As Tsinghua University is poised to become a world leader in higher education, life science has been given a top priority for development and expansion at the Tsinghua University School of Life Sciences in the next five to ten years. In this first Modern Medical Science Forum, Dr. Yigong Shi, a well known structural biologist and a next-generation life science academic leader, will lecture on new trends of life science research in China and address Tsinghua University’s commitments to driving the paradigm shift of life science in China.


        Translational medicine represents new wave of modern medical science and refers to real-time translation of bench science to bedside clinical applications. Modern technological and medical developments have now enabled advances in our understanding of human genetics and its influence on disease and treatment. Bristol-Myers Squibb, as a leader in R&D, has created a new kind of enterprise: a next-generation BioPharma company.  With its focus on specific disease areas and its ability to develop both biologics and small molecules, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s R&D is enhancing its capability to deliver medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases by integrating an innovative targeted medicines capability.  In this first Modern Medical Science Forum, Dr. Francis Cuss and Dr. Brian Daniels, well known global pharmaceutical R&D leaders at Bristol-Myers Squibb, will lecture on the company’s translational R&D values in modern medical science and will share their insights of translational R&D approaches through real case studies on novel medicines that have been launched by Bristol-Myers Squibb worldwide.


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