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March26th Frontiers in Biological Sciences Tsinghua University

 Sally Horne-Badovinac, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, The University of Chicago



University of California, San Francisco - Ph.D., Biochemistry  2003

University of Oregon - B.S., Chemistry  1996



Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology – University of Chicago  2008-date

Postdoctoral fellow with Dr. David Bilder - U.C. Berkeley  2003-2008

Graduate student with Dr. Didier Y.R. Stainier - U.C. San Francisco  1997-2003

Undergraduate researcher with Dr. John H. Postlethwait - University of Oregon  1994-1996


TopicSpinning the matrix: Basement membrane secretion and remodeling during organ morphogenesis


My lab wants to understand how the dynamic regulation of cell shape, polarity and adhesion across cell populations sculpts an organ’s shape during development. To this end, we are using genetic and cell biological approaches in Drosophila to investigate how a simple, ovarian structure called an egg chamber lengthens as it grows. This morphogenesis depends on a dramatic epithelial migration event, which remodels the epithelial basement membrane (BM). The combination of cell movement and new matrix secretion creates unusual BM “fibrils”, which appear to directionally constrain egg chamber growth. This seminar will focus on the cellular mechanisms that target newly synthesized BM proteins to the basal epithelial surface. It will also introduce a speculative model for how planar polarization of the BM secretion machinery could contribute to fibril formation.


Venue: Room143, New Biology Building, THU

Time: Mar. 26 (Tuesday), 2013; 16:30

Host: Prof. Jose Carlos Pastor-Pareja

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