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The editorial process: Looking inside the black box


The editorial process: Looking inside the black box


Speaker:  Ines Chen Ph.D. Editor-in-Chief, NSMB
Time:  Nov.30th, 2011; 14:00
Venue:  Room 143, New Biology Building, THU
Host:  Prof. Nieng Yan

Ines Chen obtained her Ph.D. with Salete Newton atthe University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, after working on enteropathogenic bacteria and vaccine development with Rino Rappuoli in Siena, Italy. She had post-doctoral training with Emil C. Gotschlich at the Rockefeller University, investigating bacterial transformation and continued her research on DNA uptake with David Dubnau at the Public Health Research Institute. She joined the journal in 2006.
Short summary: The aim of this talk is to explain the editorial process, i.e., what happens to your manuscript once you submit it to a journal such as NSMB. The talk is informal, with plenty of time for questions.

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