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Dr. Yuan Qian
Director and Professor
The Laboratory of Virology
Capital Institute of Pediatrics
“Prevalence of Rotaviral Gastroenteritis inChildren and Efficacy of Rotavirus Vaccine in Mainland China”
Time:16:00, December 10 (Monday)
Place:Medical Science Building B321
Host:Jing-Ren Zhang
Rotavirus is the leading cause of acute diarrhea in infants and young children in China, as other countries world-wide. Based on the published data, rotavirus accounts for up to 20% of diarrhea annually and 40% to 60% of diarrhea at the peak season. Rotavirus with G1P[8] used to be the most frequent genotype in China, but currently the circulating genotype has changed to G3 and G9 in some areas of China. The vaccine effectiveness (VE) of Lanzhou lamb rotavirus (LLR) vaccine against rotavirus gastroenteritis in children <5 requiring hospitalization was determined. Children hospitalized 2002–2004 with rotavirus gastroenteritis were matched by gender, age and community to 838 controls. VE was calculated for one or more doses of LLR vaccine with 95% confidence intervals (CI). For one dose versus zero doses, LLR vaccine VE was 73.3% (95% CI, range 61.2–81.6%). VE of one dose versus zero doses was higher in children 12–23 months than in children 2–11 months (80.9% versus 60.0%). It was found that one dose moderately effective in preventing rotavirus gastroenteritis requiring hospitalization.
Light Refreshments will be served!!!
The Centre for Infectious Diseases Research is holding a weekly seminar series. The seminars will be a great opportunity to hear speakers from both within and outside China speaking on a variety of subjects of interest to all those engaged in microbiology/immunology and allied disciplines. The coordinator of the seminar series is Babak Javid, and he would be delighted for fellow faculty to get in touch with regards to possible speakers to invite.
The seminars will also be of great interest to graduate students in life sciences, so we would appreciate PIs encouraging their students and post-docs to attend.
By way of encouragement, we will be providing light refreshments to attendees.
If you are interested in meeting with the speaker, please email Babak Javid at bjavid@gmail.com.
We hope that this seminar series will prove to be a valuable addition for both training and scientific dialogue at Tsinghua, and look forward to seeing you there.


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