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Zemin Zhang

Zemin Zhang


Email:  zemin(at)pku(dot)edu(dot)cn

Telephone: 62768190

Office:Rm.310, Integrated Science Research Center, Peking University, 100871


Research Area:

Almost all characteristics of cancer cells, including how they arise and respond to anti-cancer drugs, are determined by genetic and epigenetic alterations in the cancer genome. Our laboratory aims at understanding oncogenesis and developing novel therapies based on genomic characterization of tumor and cancer models. First, we will apply advanced bioinformatics methods to the tremendous cancer genomics data generated by us and various public efforts (such as TCGA and ICGC), with the goal to reveal cancer subtypes and subtype-specific cancer driving events. Second, we will build a large collection of cancer cell lines, with the initial focus on gastric and liver cancers, and study how cell lines with different genetic background might exhibit distinct responses to therapeutic agents. Third, we will collaborate with our colleagues at PKU and cancer hospitals to investigate how cutting edge technologies, such as single cell sequencing, can be utilized for studying tumor heterogeneity, drug resistance, and the dynamic interaction between tumor and immune cells.


Selected Publications:

1. J. Liu, M. McCleland, E. Stawiski, F. Gnad, P. M. Haverty, S. Durinck, Y-J. Chen, C. Klijn, O. Mayba, S. Jhunjhunwala, M. Lawrence, H. Liu, Y. Wan, V. Chopra, W. Yuan, C. Ha, H. Gilbert, J. Reeder, G. Pau, J. Stinson, H. Stern, G. Manning, T. D. Wu, R. Neve, F. J. de Sauvage, Z. Modrusan, S. Seshagiri, R. Firestein, and Z. Zhang* (2014), Integrated exome and transcriptome sequencing reveals kinase isoform usage in gastric cancer. Nature Communication, 5:3830, doi: 10.1038/ncomms4830

2. Z. Zhang* (2012), Genomic landscape of liver cancer. Nature Genetics, 44: 1075-1077
3. J. Liu, W. Lee, Z. Chen, Z. Jiang, S. Jhunjhunwala, P. M Haverty, F. Gnad, Y. Guan, H. Gilbert, J. Stinson, C. Klijn, J. Guillory, D. Bhatt, S. Vartanian, K. Walter, J. Chan, P. Dijkgraaf, S. Johnson, J. Koeman, J. Minna, A. Gazdar, H. M. Stern, K. P. Hoeflich, T. D. Wu, F. J. de Sauvage, R. C. Gentleman, R. M. Neve, D. Stokoe, Z. Modrusan, S. Seshagiri, D. S. Shames, and Z. Zhang* (2012) Genome and transcriptome sequencing of lung cancers reveal diverse mutational and splicing events. Genome Research, 22:2315-2327
4. Z. Jiang, S. Jhunihunwala, J. Liu, P. Haverty, K. Pant, M. I. Kennemer, P. Carnevali, Y. Guan, J. Stinson, P. Dijkgraaf, J. Rae, S. Johnson, C. Watanabe, J. Diao, S. Kapadia, F. de Sauvage, R. Gentleman, H. Stern, S. Seshagiri, Z. Modrusan, D. Ballinger, and Z. Zhang* (2012) The effects of hepatitis B virus integration into the genomes of hepatocellular carcinoma patients. Genome Research, 22:593-601
5. W. Lee, Z. Jiang, J. Liu, P. M. Haverty, Y. Guan, J. Stinson, P. Yue, Y. Zhang, K. P. Pant, D. Bhatt, C. Ha, S. Johnson., M. I. Kennemer, S. Mohan, I. Nazarenko, C. Watanabe, A. B. Sparks, D. S. Shames, R. Gentleman, F. J. de Sauvage, H. Stern, A. Pandita, D. G. Ballinger, R. Drmanac, Z. Modrusan, S. Seshagiri, and Z. Zhang* (2010) The mutation spectrum revealed by paired genome sequences from a lung cancer patient. Nature, 465:473-477

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