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Wenwen Zeng


Wenwen Zeng

Email: wenwenzeng@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn

Office Phone: 8610-62782861


Main Research Fields:

1. Molecular mechanism of innate immunity against pathogens;

2. Immune response in the central nervous system inflammation and pathology;

3. Immune response in metabolism and metabolic disease.


Selected Publications:

1. Glasmacher E*, Agrawal S*, Chang AB*, Murphy TL*, Zeng W*, Vander Lugt B, Khan AA, Ciofani M, Spooner CJ, Rutz S, Hackney J, Nurieva R, Escalante CR, Ouyang W, Littman DR, Murphy KM, Singh H. A genomic regulatory element that directs assembly and function of immune-specific AP-1-IRF complexes. Science. 338(6109):975-80, 2012 (* first-authors contributed equally)

2. Rutz S, Noubade R, Eidenschenk C, Ota N, Zeng W, Zheng Y, Hackney J, Ding J, Singh H, Ouyang W. Transcription factor c-Maf mediates the TGF-b-dependent suppression of IL-22 production in T(H)17 cells. Nat Immunol. 12(12):1238-45, 2011

3. Zeng W*, Sun L*, Jiang X, Chen X, Hou F, Adhikari A, Xu M, Chen ZJ. Reconstitution of the RIG-I pathway reveals a signaling role of unanchored polyubiquitin chains in innate immunity. Cell. 141(2):315-30, 2010 (* first-authors contributed equally)

4. Zeng W, Xu M, Liu S, Sun L, Chen ZJ. Key role of Ubc5 and lysine-63 polyubiquitination in viral activation of IRF3. Mol Cell. 36(2):315-25, 2009

5. Xu M, Skaug B, Zeng W, Chen ZJ. A ubiquitin replacement strategy in human cells reveals distinct mechanisms of IKK activation by TNFalpha and IL-1beta. Mol Cell. 36(2):302-14, 2009

6. Zeng W, Chen ZJ. MITAgating viral infection. Immunity. 29(4):513-5, 2008



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