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Ting Zhu

Ting Zhu

Email: tzhu@biomed.tsinghua.edu.cn

Tel: 86-10-62797325

Lab website: http://zhulab.life.tsinghua.edu.cn/

Research Interests

1) Synthetic biology

2) Mirror-image life

3) Genomic sequencing


1.   Wang Z, Xu W, Liu L*, Zhu TF*. A synthetic molecular system capable of mirror-image genetic replication and transcription. Nature Chem, doi:10.1038/nchem.2517 (2016). (Highlighted by Nature, Scientific American, C&E News, and F1000Prime)

2.  Jiang W*, Zhu TF*. Targeted isolation and cloning of 100-kb microbial genomic sequences by Cas9-assisted targeting of chromosome segments. Nature Protoc, 11(5):960-975, (2016).

3.  Jiang W, Zhao X, Gabrieli T, Lou C*, Ebenstein Y*, Zhu TF*. Cas9-Assisted Targeting of CHromosome segments CATCH enables one-step targeted cloning of large gene clusters. Nature Commun, 6:8101, (2015).

4.  Jiang W, Liang P, Wang B, Fang J, Lang J, Tian G, Jiang J, Zhu TF*. Optimized DNA extraction and metagenomic sequencing of airborne microbial communities. Nature Protoc, 10(5):768-779, (2015).

5.  Cao C, Jiang W, Wang B, Fang J, Lang J, Tian G*, Jiang J*, and Zhu TF*. Inhalable microorganisms in Beijing’s PM2.5 and PM10 pollutants during a severe smog event. Environ Sci Technol, 48(3):1499-1507, (2014). (Web of Science ‘Highly Cited Paper’: top 1% of the field; Highlighted by Nature, Scientific American, Popular Science, The Scientist, Los Angeles Times, and Business Insider)

*Corresponding author(s)


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